Taco Seasoning

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Years ago, before I realized that it’s actually a really good idea to read the ingredients label on the food I was purchasing, I would always make homemade tacos with the packaged taco seasoning that you can find at any … Read More

Bacon Fat Deviled Eggs

The first time I had bacon fat deviled eggs was at this amazing little restaurant in San Diego, and they changed my life! I could have eaten 89 of them; they were so delicious. I’ve been wanting to recreate this … Read More

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Yams

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If you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE buffalo chicken anything, and that I also love making super simple meals! I had the idea to create these little guys, but I didn’t even realize just how delicious … Read More

Paleo Takeout – Review and Recipe Sneak Peek!

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I’ve been excited to see Paleo Takeout in print since the day it was announced, and Russ Crandall definitely doesn’t disappoint! Russ takes you on an amazing culinary adventure, and this book will have you drooling over every page! This … Read More

Chocolate Cherry Mousse Parfaits

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This recipe really doesn’t even need an introduction. I mean, chocolate cherry mousse parfait? Gimme. When I started this recipe I was planning on making a chocolate pudding, but what this actually became was a gazillion times more delicious! I … Read More

Bone Broth – An Easy Recipe!

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Bone broth, beef broth, chicken broth, stock, or just plane broth. Whatever you want to call it, it’s really all the same! When you don’t know what bone broth actually is, it can sound pretty gross, huh? In reality bone … Read More

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Chicken Pasta

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My husband and I just got into watching Game of Thrones, after hearing everrryone talk it up, and the storyline is good, but I’m seriously so confused for 99.9% of every episode. Am I the only one that feels this … Read More

Why I’m Doing a 30-Day Reset

I’ve recently started a new type of training that I’m super stoked about! My husband has been training for the show American Ninja Warrior for nearly two years, and I’ve secretly wanted to be a ninja too! It was time … Read More

Chimichurri Sauce

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I have to admit, my first experience with tasting chimichurri sauce was probably the least authentic, BUT it was at one of my favorite places – Disneyland! Actually it was California Adventure, but you get the idea. Did you know … Read More

Double Chocolate “Peanut Butter” Muffins

Does anyone remember those gigantic double chocolate chip muffins from Costco? Confession – those warmed up in the microwave, with a glass of milk was my breakfast more times than not, as a kid. I loved them! This recipe is … Read More

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