Get Sauced eBook Release!

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Get Sauced

My eBook, Get Sauced, is finally here!!! I couldn’t be more excited to share this incredible resource, as I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating this just for you!

Today happens to be a very special day for me, aside from my eBook release! It marks 5 years since my last surgery for Crohn’s Disease (when I had my entire large intestine removed on 2/4/2011) as well as 3 years since I switched to a paleo diet (2/4/2013), which is what gave me my health back after being sick for far too many years! You can read my full story HERE, if you haven’t already!

The biggest struggle that I hear from others when they’re switching their diet is that eating real food is so boring or they’re spending far too much time in the kitchen.

That’s exactly why I created Get Sauced, these sauces will make eating healthy delicious and new every time! This eBook will revolutionize the way you eat, as it makes it super easy to get healthy fats and much needed nutrition.

Often, when you’re following a real foods diet, you can find yourself eating similar meals much of the time. I know this is the case for me, as I don’t have time to cook every single night, so quick meals are what get me through! These sauces will make even the most plain protein and veggies incredibly delicious!

Just like all of my recipes found on my website, these sauces are so easy to make! I’ve taken the extra steps to be sure that you can create these sauces even if you have the most basic kitchen skills and equipment.



What is Get Sauced?

86 pages, filled with 33 insanely delicious recipes (38 recipes including the variations!)

Each recipe includes a full color photo!

I made it my goal to create sauces that anyone could eat, despite food intolerances that go beyond paleo. This is exactly why just by simply taking a glance at the top of each recipe, you’ll know right away if they’ll work for you!

  • 24 recipes are egg-free or can be made egg-free
  • 35 recipes are nut-free or can be made nut-free
  • 27 recipes are nightshade-free or can be made nightshade-free
  • 29 recipes are coconut-free or can be made coconut-free


 Click HERE to purchase the Kindle version or printable PDF and to take a look inside Get Sauced!!


Thank you so much for your support, everything that I do wouldn’t be possible without you!


Get Sauced

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