2017 Holiday Gift Guide + My Favorites For The Kitchen

Tis’ the season for alllll the shopping! I’m a huge fan of only having things in my home that I absolutely LOVE and use on a daily, or at minimum, weekly basis. After all, if I’m not using it, what’s the point of having it around?

This is exactly how I feel about giving gifts to others. I want the gift to be used and loved, not tossed into a corner and forgotten about.

My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide is filled with everything that I personally own, and ones that I think you’ll love just as much as I do!

2017 Holiday Gift Guide + My Favorites For The Kitchen

2017 Holiday Gift Guide:

Instant Pot:

I purchased the Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 over 2 years ago and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s by far one of my absolute favorite kitchen gadgets. I can make bone broth in 2 hours (vs 24-48 hours in a slow cooker, shredded chicken in 15 minutes and fall-apart beef stew in 30 minutes! This one is a must have for anyone who loves quick and easy meals!


Immersion Blender:

An immersion blender is another absolute must-have for the kitchen, as you can make fool-proof homemade mayo and aioli’s in just 30 seconds and blend creamy soups right in the pot! I personally have the Waring Commercial Immersion Blender, although I personally love the KitchenAid one that I had previously even more, and it’s a small fraction of the price!


Vitamix Blender:

I purchased my Vitamix blender over 6 years ago and it’s been one of my best investments. I use it nearly daily to make green smoothies, blend soups and chop veggies – lazy style. High-speed blenders make blending anything EASY, and they last for years and years!


Food Processor:

I’ve had my Cuisinart Food Processor for nearly 10 years, so the one shown here is an upgraded model. I use my food processor mostly for making sauces and baking!


Ceramic Pans:

Hands down ceramic pans are my favorite non-stick pans to cook with, as they’re Teflon free. I personally use my 12” pan the most, but the 10” and 7” set are amazing as well!


Cast Iron:

I use my cast iron pans a TON as I love how easy they make it to cook, and they take no time at all to clean! I cook salmon in my cast iron 2-3 times a week – it’s the best!


Breville Air Convection Oven:

My microwave is used to store my dish towels (true story), and my husband recently surprised me with this new Breville Air Convention Oven! I’m obsessed with it – it bakes, roasts, broils, slow cooks, air fry’s, dehydrates and more!


Glass Straws:

I love using straws and used to use stainless steel reusable straws, but didn’t love how I couldn’t see what could possibly be sticking to the inside. Now, I’ve swapped my stainless steel reusable straws for these glass straws!


Butcher Box:

This is one of the BEST gifts that I’ve ever received – as high-quality meat is really important to me. Butcher Box makes it SO easy to get a monthly box of grass-fed, organic and free-range meat delivered right to your doorstep! Using my link also gets you $15 off + FREE bacon + FREE shipping on your first order!



Last Chance Offer! It’s your last chance to get on this AMAZING deal from ButcherBox, which ends tomorrow night!

I received my first ButcherBox last week, and am SO impressed with this company. Essentially they ship super high-quality, grass-fed beef, organic chicken and heritage pork right to your doorstep – at an affordable price (less than $6.00 per meal)!

ButcherBox is changing the game, making it SO easy and SO convenient to get high-quality meat delivered right to you!


Order your first ButcherBox today – Tuesday, November 28th (midnight PST) and you’ll receive the following, included with your box:

  • FREE Ultimate Grass-fed Steak Bundle (2 Ribeyes, 2 NY Strips, and 2 Filet Mignons, OR…
  • $100 of FREE wine from Dry Farm Wines – the highest quality wine, where nothing is added and nothing is removed. I have a bottle of this wine in my fridge right now that a friend gifted me, and I can tell you that it’s LEGIT. Most wines give me a headache, yet this one doesn’t! PLUS…
  • You’ll receive FREE bacon and FREE shipping! Both will be automatically applied to your order when you choose either the free steak or free wine package below!


Seriously, for what you’re actually paying for this deal, it’s INCREDIBLE what you get in return!





Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette (Beautycounter):

If I could only choose one holiday set, it would be THIS! This palette is literally what my dreams are made of! It includes every color for anything from everyday wear to evening and date night looks.


Clean Slate Charcoal Duo (Beautycounter):

Two of my all time FAVORITE Beautycounter products that have completely changed my skin! Both the charcoal bar and balancing mask have helped to heal the acne that I struggled with for years


Mini Mask Trio (Beautycounter):

I have all of these masks in the full-size version and LOVE them! This set is the perfect way to try all 3, or gift them to others!



  1. Countermatch Discovery Set ($48 US/$58 CAN – the price will go up to $68 US on Tuesday) – this is a GREAT way to try all 4 Countermatch products in the perfect travel size! I’ve been obsessed with the Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer since it was first released in May, but it took me a few weeks to reallyyyy fall in love with the other 3 Countermatch products. I wasn’t sure how I felt about them at first, or if they were even making a difference (products have to make a visible difference for me to continue using them), but I just realized this week that my skin has never looked or felt better, and these products have been the only change in my routine! Plus, they feel amazing on my skin. I’m now obsessed with them all!


  1. Hair Care Duo ($22 US/$28 CAN) – Another perfect way to try the new hair care products in a travel size! I’ve heard great things about both of these (especially the Volume and Shape) so I just ordered them myself to see how they work for my hair! I’ve shared before that I didn’t love the Repair & Nourish shampoo & conditioner…but the original Daily I’m OBSESSED with! It’s literally changed my hair and has made it so much healthier and easier to style!


  1. FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100 US/$125 CAN (ends at 11:59pm PST).


  1. FREE Citrus Rosemary Body Oil ($73 value! – with any purchase $175+ US $225+ CAN): Another free gift with purchase directly from Beautycounter! I LOVE this body oil as it’s a dry oil that leaves me feeling super moisturized, but never oily.


Primally Pure Body Butter:

The Almond + Vanilla Body Butter tastes like frosting (although it probably doesn’t taste like it) and makes my skin feel sooo soft and nourished. I keep a large jar of this body butter on my nightstand, and the smaller size in my gym bag. Plus, it’s made with easy-to-pronounce ingredients!


Primally Pure Lip Balm:

I used to have the WORST chapped lips until I switched to using this lip balm made with super simple ingredients. My personal favorites are the Creamsicle & Lavender!



  1. Spend $60+ and receive a FREE Blue Tansy Body Oil
  2. Spend $120 and receive a FREE Blue Tansy Body Oil PLUS a FREE Blue Tansy Beauty Cream!



2017 Holiday Gift Guide + My Favorites For The Kitchen

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase something from one of my links, I will receive a small percentage, at no additional cost to you. I will only ever recommend products that I truly believe in, and that I use myself or find to be very valuable. Thanks for helping me to keep my blog up and running! 

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  2. Is it bad that I want all of these things for myself?! These are some great picks!

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