Kristen's Book Club – April 2019 Reading List 

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My April 2019 reading list is here! 

My husband, Mike, and I are the complete opposite when it comes to buying things. I'm super quick to buy things without reading many reviews, and Mike reads alllll the reviews. When it comes to Amazon, it's just all about the star rating for me! 

When it comes to books, however, I'm all about sorting through what others have to say, in order to get an idea on if I'll love the book or not  

Of course, there's always gonna be a few super negative reviews that don't even really pertain to the book, and just come from a grumpy person, but those are usually easy to identify and pass right along. 

All of these books in my April 2019 reading list had stellar reviews – so now's where you get to find out if I loved them too!  

If you're just catching up and looking for even more great reads, be sure to check out my February & March Book Clubs as well! 

April 2019 Reading List 

Kristen's Book Club – April 2019 Picks: 

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn: 

Such a great drama! This book started out slowww, and I honestly almost stopped reading it. True story, the thing that kept me going is all of the great reviews that this had, and the fact that the cover said that this book is about to become a movie. I highly doubt a bomb of a book would turn into a movie, so I stuck with it, and I'm SO glad that I did! The story is really original, and at about the half-way point is when things started to really pick up. If you're the same and feeling like this one's a little slow – I'd still stick with it, as the storyline is truly worth it in the end! 

The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine:

One of those books that I just couldn't put down! This one had a really great twist that I never saw coming, and the ending was so well done, as the entire story was wrapped up into a pretty little bow. If you're into drama, especially romantic drama, then I highly recommend picking this up. 

HER by Britney King:

This was the complete opposite of The Woman in The Window, as it got started off strong and fast! At times, I really had no clue where the story was headed, but it kept me reading, and the plot twists towards the end are SO good. I definitely never saw them coming. This was definitely more of a thriller, so if that's your thing, then you'll dig this one!  

If you're gonna pick just one book from my April 2019 reading list, then The Last Mrs. Parrish is what I'd recommend the most! 

I'm averaging 3 books per month, and love having an ongoing list tooWhat are some of your faves that I should add? Share in the comments below!

All of these books in my April 2019 reading list had stellar reviews – so now's where you get to find out if I loved them too!  #livinglovingpaleo #kristensbookclub #april2019readinglist

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