What I Ate in a Day + My Workouts

I'm often asked what I eat to support the high-level of physical activity that I do, so today I'm sharing exactly what I ate in a day to support my workouts!

What I Ate in a Day + My Workouts

I don't typically wake up very hungry in the morning, so it's not often that I eat a big breakfast first thing. I've talked about why this is in a post in my membership website, Invincible Inspiration, along with the drink that I make nearly every morning instead.

I typically train 5-6 days a week, along with random things that I do throughout the day, such as hike with my dogs, jump on my mini trampoline first thing every morning (it's great for the lymph system!), and pull-ups/holds on my pull-up bar to increase my strength.

While I spent many years lifting weights and doing basic cardio, I became super bored with that. I've now found that I absolutely LOVE using my own body weight to workout, including my ninja warrior/obstacle training, and random calisthenics type training that I add in on my own, including leg lifts, L-sits, handstands, pull-ups, dips, push-ups, box jumps, and pistol squats.


Before I share all that I ate in a day, let's talk about CARBS.


When I first started following a paleo lifestyle, over 4 years ago, I was eating fairly low carb, thinking that's what paleo "should" be. While I felt great at the time, I noticed that my energy started to slowly decline as I increased the level of physical activity that I was doing. It wasn't until I started experimenting with carbs that my energy skyrocketed, my hormones balanced, and I felt like I was finally in the body that I'm meant to be in.

I've talked about it before, but I stuck to pretty strict paleo guidelines for 2 years, which is the time that I felt that it took my gut to fully heal from years of illness. Once I felt healthy enough, I started to experiment with foods outside of paleo guidelines, such as gluten-free grains and high-quality dairy.

While I think paleo is an amazing place to start to find what works for YOUR body, I don't think it's where we all end up. 

I've found that I currently feel my very best with more carbs in my diet, and I enjoy white rice fairly often, especially on days that I train. I also LOVE Japanese yams and purple sweet potatoes, which are another good source of carbs.

Anytime I post a picture of what I'm eating that includes white rice, I'm always asked by a reader why I eat white rice vs brown rice. I once believed that brown rice was healthier, but now I understand that white rice is typically much easier to digest, as it's really just a pure starch. White rice makes me feel great and it majorly helps to support the training that I do. Plus I just straight up prefer it over brown rice. 😉


Will this be the same for you? I have absolutely no idea – I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all diet approach, so I encourage you to experiment with what you're eating until you find exactly what makes you feel your best!


What I Ate in a Day to Support My Workouts:

What I Ate in a Day + My Workouts

Breakfast – This was around 11am, after I jumped on my trampoline and went on a hike with my dogs, and before I went to the gym. I had 2 pastured eggs, Trader Joe's everything but the bagel seasoning, arugula, La Quercia pastured prosciutto & some berries.


What I Ate in a Day + My Workouts

Snack – I was getting hungry for lunch, so I had several pieces of dried mango on the way home from the gym.


What I Ate in a Day + My Workouts

Lunch – taco salad: grass-fed ground beef mixed with my taco seasoning, white rice (buried under the salad – I'd guess around ½ cup, but I don't measure anything that I eat), cilantro lime roasted cauliflower (recipe coming to my membership website tomorrow), romaine lettuce, salsa, the dairy-free sour cream from my eBook (it's SO legit!), fresh lime juice and lots of fresh cilantro.


What I Ate in a Day + My Workouts

Dinner – Wild-caught salmon, chipotle aioli, roasted purple sweet potatoes with ghee, sautéed zucchini & green beans.


What I Ate in a Day + My Workouts

Before Bed – A mug of bone broth (always keeping my gut and my joints super healthy!)

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  1. Melho
    | Reply

    Just wanted to tell you I made your chipotle aioli tonight and it was absolutely amazing! I just bought your ebook and can't wait to try others. I show my daughter(she's 8) your videos that you guys do in the apex gym. She thinks it's so cool bc she wants to be A ninja warrior when she grows up. Lol. Thanks : )

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      I looooove hearing that, thank you so much Melho! Tell your daughter that I couldn't even hang on a rope when I first started my training…so anything is possible 😉

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