Bacon Deviled Eggs

Looking for a tasty party appetizer or a fast, low carb, protein-packed snack? You will love these easy bacon deviled eggs! Bacon deviled eggs are a jazzed up version of the classic recipe with the addition of bacon fat and crumbled bacon. They're perfect for parties, holidays or for an everyday snack. So delicious and highly addictive!

Bacon deviled eggs are so rich, creamy, and satisfying that everyone raves about them and asks how I make them. I'll let you in on a little secret… they are SUPER simple to whip up! Follow my tips and tricks for the best deviled eggs that come out perfect every time.

deviled eggs topped with crumbled bacon and chives


The first time I had bacon deviled eggs made with bacon fat was at this amazing little restaurant in San Diego, and they changed my life! I could have eaten 89 of them; they were so delicious. I've been wanting to recreate this recipe ever since, and they're even easier to make than I expected!

I typically have hard-boiled eggs on hand for an easy snack, but they can get pretty boring over time. This recipe is a great way to mix it up with hardly any extra work! These are so good, that you may never make regular deviled eggs again! I added a dash of cayenne pepper to my eggs, but hot sauce would also be delicious! I love making a double batch of these to keep in the fridge for a quick breakfast or snack on the go, although they never last long! 😉


How Do You Make Bacon Deviled Eggs?

The first step to this recipe is to boil the eggs. My new favorite way to do this is actually to steam them, as I never have any issues with the shells sticking to the egg. Add approximately 2" of water to a pot. Bring to a boil. Add the cold eggs to a steamer basket in the pot, and steam, covered, for 9 minutes. Remove the eggs from the basket and immediately place them into a bowl filled with ice water. Allow the eggs to cool.

Peel the eggs carefully, and cut them in half, lengthwise. Remove the yolks and place them into your food processor along with the warm bacon fat, garlic powder, sea salt and black pepper. Puree until the mixture is smooth. No food processor? No problem! Simply mash the ingredients well, using a fork.

Spoon the egg yolk mixture into the egg whites. Top with the crumbled bacon, chives, and a dash of cayenne pepper (if using). Enjoy! These are seriously the best deviled eggs that I've ever had, and they always get gobbled up!

Top Tips For Perfect Deviled Eggs:

  • The most important part of making the perfect deviled eggs is to have perfectly boiled eggs to start with. The steaming method that I use is so easy and always works great! If I'm making these for an event, I like to cook the eggs a day in advance to save time.
  • Try using a pastry bag or large plastic baggie with one corner cut off, to fill the deviled eggs. It makes preparing these eggs so easy.
  • For the most smooth and creamy deviled egg filling, I suggest using a food processor to puree everything.

Variations For Bacon Deviled Eggs

There are a variety of ways to make these deviled eggs your own. Here are several ideas to get you started. 

  • Pickles: Add pickle relish to the filling.
  • Buffalo Deviled Eggs
  • Ranch: Add ranch seasoning to the mix.
  • Spicy: Add a few teaspoons of sriracha or hot sauce to the filling.
  • Cheese: Add finely grated cheddar cheese to the filling.

Deviled eggs are one of my favorite snacks and adding bacon fat and crumbled bacon to the mix really takes this snack to the next level! I hope you enjoy this bacon deviled egg recipe as much as I do! If you give this recipe a try, be sure to comment below and let me know how it turned out for you. Also, I would love to see your creations on Instagram. Be sure to tag me @livinglovingpaleo!


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  2. Megan
    | Reply

    If S&M is the restaurant you are referring to sadly they close their doors today

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      That is the restaurant, bummer to hear that!

      • Megan

        I bought 9 sausages from them and 2 different bacon fats so it can temporarily live on

  3. Christiann
    | Reply

    Sad news…Sausage & Meat is closing. Today is the last day. Thanks for replicating this recipe!

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      I'm so sorry to hear that, S&M was such a great restaurant!

  4. Mindy
    | Reply

    I've made these twice and they are so delicious. I prefer to add some mayonnaise to make them a little creamier. I also have to say that the steaming method described here works like a charm. This will be my method going forward for hard boiled eggs.

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      I'm so glad it works well for you, Mindy!

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