Bay Area Dining Out Guide – Gluten-free & Paleo

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Bay Area Dining Out Guide

I'm so grateful to live in an area surrounded by amazing restaurants! Whether you live in the Bay Area yourself, or are planning a visit, I hope this restaurant guide leaves you feeling inspired to try something new! I could go on and on with the gluten-free and paleo-friendly restaurant options available where I live, so I'll be turning this bay area dining out guide into a series, starting with my very favorites!

When I find myself at a new restaurant, I search the menu for a type of protein that sounds good, and then any vegetables that they serve. Nearly every restaurant you find yourself at will be more than willing to accommodate dietary restrictions, all you have to do is ask! If it's on the menu, odds are they'll let you create your own meal – I do it all time! Here are some of my favorite restaurants in the area, as well as some ideas for what to order!

Enjoy part one of my bay area dining out guide!


Bay Area Dining Out Guide

Mission Heirloom – Berkeley

One of my favorite restaurants in existence, and the entire menu is paleo-friendly! They use only the highest quality foods available, and everything is organic. If you live in or around Berkeley, or are here visiting, this restaurant is a must on your places to go! Not only is the restaurant itself beautiful, but the food they serve is really a work of art! It's literally the only restaurant where I leave healthier than when I walked in!


Roam Burger – Lafayette (plus multiple locations in San Francisco)

Burgers, burgers and more burgers! Roam is by far one of my favorite restaurants in the area. They have grass-fed/sustainably raised meat that they use, which is one of the reasons I love this restaurant so much. You can get your burger lettuce wrapped or on a gluten-free bun. They also have every burger topping you can imagine, salads, sweet potato fries, regular fries, zucchini haystacks (thinly sliced zucchini lightly battered with rice flour), and even house-brewed kombucha! They also use rice-bran oil in their fryers!


Chow – Lafayette and Danville

You'll find plenty of great options at Chow, and the servers are always happy to help you order according to your dietary needs! They focus on seasonal, local & organic foods, which is always a huge plus to me. I love getting the beet salad, grilled pork chop with roasted vegetables, or the fresh fish of the day. They also have gluten-free bread available, if that's something you desire!


Tender Greens – Walnut Creek

A great place for delicious salads, meat and veggies! I almost always get the salt & pepper chicken or backyard steak with a simple salad and roasted vegetables. Most of the salads are already gluten-free, just double check when ordering!



A slightly up-scale restaurant with a great menu! The grilled Mary's natural chicken breast salad and the pot roast with extra vegetables instead of the mashed potatoes are some of my favorites to order. The menu is also marked with gluten-free options, which always makes things easier while dining out!


Kacha Thai – Walnut Creek

The satay skewers, stir-frys minus the soy sauce, and curries are just a few of the great things to order at this Thai restaurant! They've been happy to accommodate gluten-free here, and if you don't tolerate rice, simply get an extra side of steamed vegetables!


Lark Creek – Walnut Creek (they also have a location in San Francisco)

Lark Creek focuses on seasonal, farm to table fare and has plenty of gluten-free options! For lunch I love ordering the burger with a side salad, and for dinner the pot roast with extra vegetables instead of mashed potatoes, and the Rocky Jr. half chicken or the fresh fish of the day!


Sideboard – Danville and Lafayette

This restaurant is adorable! It started out as a cute mom and pop restaurant in Danville, and grew quickly to expand in size and locations. They still have the same great food, and I love ordering any of the sandwiches (minus the bread), along with a side of fried brussel sprouts! During the summer I love getting the ceviche salad (without the tortilla strips), which inspired my own Ceviche Salad With Mango Vinaigrette!


Beaver Creek Smokehouse – Martinez

This restaurant is an awesome gem in downtown Martinez. They use high quality meats and create the best barbecue I've ever had, hands down! All of their meat is gluten-free (brisket, hot links, ribs and chicken) and their cole slaw has a delicious and light dressing! Be sure to check their hours before heading in, as they are closed on certain days.


Lemongrass – Martinez

Another awesome restaurant in downtown Martinez! They're always happy to accommodate gluten-free, as the items are made to order. I love getting the mango chicken without the soy sauce, any of the curries, the coconut soup, and the stir-fried vegetables!


Pica PicaSan Francisco

Pica Pica is a 100% gluten-free restaurant, although they do fry everything in corn oil, just an FYI. I still love this place and typically get the taro chip nachos without black beans or cheese, and a side of yuca fries! The aioli that they top their nachos with is also olive oil based and so good!


Urban Plates – Pleasant Hill (they also have a location in Dublin)

Thanks to so many of you that emailed me about adding Urban Plates to my list – I totally forgot that they recently opened up a location In Pleasant Hill! This is a casual restaurant with lots of gluten-free and paleo-friendly options. I love getting the grilled steak salad or the salmon Caesar, minus the croutons, along with their house kombucha!


Did I miss any of your favorites? Tell me in the comments below!


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Bay Area Dining Out Guide

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    I just discovered Mariposa Baking Company in Berkeley. I have yet to go but it's dedicated gluten free! We should go sometime! 🙂

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      Oh, I haven't been there yet either! Let's definitely make a trip! <3

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    And The Counter of course 😉

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