Berry Cheesecake Bars (Vegan, Paleo & No-Bake!)

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When I first sent out the recipe for these Berry Cheesecake Bars to my email subscribers a couple months back, I was in the process of shooting a documentary of my story with my insanely talented friend, Will, who happens to follow a vegan diet.

Berry Cheesecake Bars (Vegan, Paleo & No-Bake!)

I wanted to create a special dessert for Will and he mentioned how much he used to love traditional cheesecake, so that’s where this idea for berry cheesecake bars was born! This vegan + paleo cheesecake turned out even better than I had hoped – it’s SO legit and really easy to make! I’ve made this at least 5 times since then for different friends, and each time, it disappears within minutes!

Berry Cheesecake Bars (Vegan, Paleo & No-Bake!)

What wild timing the universe has, as just as I’m posting this same recipe on my website today, Will has finished the full video! To say that it’s incredible would be a HUGE understatement. You can watch the sneak peek HERE. Be on the lookout for the full video later today, as I’ll be sharing it on my Instagram, Facebook page and here as well! Sharing my journey with you is such an honor, and I can’t wait for you to see my story for yourself, in a brand new way!

Berry Cheesecake Bars (Vegan, Paleo & No-Bake!)

I’ve had soooo many rave reviews come in from my email subscribers (they always get my recipes first!) for these Berry Cheesecake Bars! These are guaranteed to be a hit at any gathering or party you bring them to, and no one will even know that they’re dairy-free and grain-free! You can cut this into 9 large bars for a smaller gathering, or small bite-sized bars (it’ll make approximately 25) to feed a crowd.

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Berry Cheesecake Bars (Vegan, Paleo & No-Bake!)

Enjoy this recipe for my Berry Cheesecake Bars!


Berry Cheesecake Bars (Vegan, Paleo & No-Bake!)

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Berry Cheesecake Bars (Vegan, Paleo & No-Bake!)


    For The Topping:
  • 8 medium strawberries, sliced (approximately 1 cup)
  • ¾ cup blueberries


  1. Place the cashews in a clean bowl. Bring a small pot of water to a boil, and then pour the water over the cashews to soak. The cashews should be fully immersed in the water. Set aside for at least 30 minutes - 1 hour if possible.
  2. Line a 8x8” baking dish with parchment paper , cutting the corners to help the paper fit. This will help so that the cheesecake is super easy to remove.
  3. Place all of the ingredients for the crust into your food processor. Process until all of the ingredients are combined and a slightly crumbly dough forms. Place the dough onto the parchment-lined pan and use your fingers to press it into an even crust. Place the pan into your refrigerator while you prepare the filling.
  4. Drain and rinse the cashews. Place all of the filling ingredients into your food processor. Process until the cashews have completely broken down, scraping down the sides as needed, approximately 2 minutes.
  5. Pour the cheesecake batter into the pan over the crust and smooth the top with a spatula. Top with the strawberries and blueberries, gently pressing them into the top of the cheesecake to set. Place the cheesecake into your refrigerator to set for at least 4-6 hours, or overnight. ENJOY!


Berry Cheesecake Bars (Vegan, Paleo & No-Bake!)

Berry Cheesecake Bars (Vegan, Paleo & No-Bake!)

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  1. Jennifer
    | Reply

    Any subs for almond flour? I’m allergic.

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      Hey Jennifer! Any other nut flour would probably work (almond, hazelnut, etc…just not coconut). Hope that helps!

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