Blood Orange Margarita

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Learn how to make the most delicious, refreshing blood orange margarita at home with tequila, orange liqueur, blood orange juice, and lime sparkling water. This blood orange drink recipe is colorful, goes down easy, and uses simple, easy to find ingredients.

glass with a salted rim, garnished with a lime slice and filled with blood orange margarita

If you tuned into Fun Drink Friday over on IG Live, before it turned into our permanent show, the Mike & Kris Show, then you probably remember when Mike created the ultimate blood orange margarita. It turned out so good that he officially named it the "Kris-a-rita" (after yours truly), and I'm so excited to share this recipe with you today!

If you aren't already aware, margaritas are my absolute favorite cocktail. Not just any margarita though, as it has to be made with legit ingredients and a high-quality tequila. Below you'll find all of the ingredients that we use to make these Kris-a-rita's, along with all of the substitutions that would work for this recipe.

Mike was once a bartender, so he's got skills when it comes to making delicious drinks! He's made these margaritas many times since he first created them, and it's worth noting that they go down EASY. If you haven't tried this Blood Orange Margarita just yet, I just know that you'll love it too.

man pouring tequila into a cocktail shaker

A few things that will take this margarita to the next level (in my opinion): a chilled glass & some square ice cubes! I keep a reusable zip top bag in the freezer, which is filled with square ice cubes, as I love using them in my Iced Banana Matcha Latte as well. You can find my favorite ice cube trays linked HERE and my fave reusable zip top bags HERE.

pouring a blood orange margarita out of a cocktail shaker and into a cocktail glass

Blood Orange Margarita Ingredients:

Tequila: You can use any tequila that you'd like here, although we prefer using silver tequila. Lately, we've been really into Casamigos, which has a nice, smooth finish. My other go-to's are Don Julio or Patron.

Orange Liqueur: We use Cointreau to make these Kris-a-ritas, but any orange liqueur will work! Grand Marnier, Curacao, or Triple Sec will all work great as well.

Blood Orange Juice: This is truly the ingredient that takes these margaritas to a whole different level! When it comes to blood orange juice, I most recommend using fresh squeezed juice – as it's on an entirely different flavor level than pre-bottled juices. Blood oranges have much less actual juice in them vs regular oranges, so you'll need approximately 1 blood orange per drink. If you aren't able to find blood oranges near you, cara cara or sumo oranges would work great here as well, just know that you won't get the same hot-pinkish hue. Not a fan of oranges? Using fresh pineapple juice would be my next go-to!

Sparkling Water: We prefer to use lime sparkling water (Waterloo is my favorite brand), but feel free to use any sparkling water that you'd like in this recipe. Topo Chico would be amazing as well!

Fresh Lime: You'll need a lime wedge to squeeze into the drink, and if you'd like, a lime wheel for a totally optional, but gorgeous garnish.

Salt: We love using flaky, kosher salt to rim the glasses of our margaritas. Feel free to use any salt you'd like here, or leave it out altogether – it's totally up to you!

Enjoy this Blood Orange Margarita, aka the Kris-a-rita!

pouring a blood orange margarita out of a cocktail shaker and into a cocktail glass

4 Responses

  1. Jennifer Crain
    | Reply

    On a vacation with friends at the lake, she made the avocado mango salsa and I made the blood orange margaritas. We laughed because didn't know each of us followed you. Both were delicious!

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      Ha! I love that! I'm so happy you liked both recipes…such a great combo. 😊 Thanks for letting me know, Jennifer!

  2. Patti Hillebrand
    | Reply

    Solemnity is great in blood orange martinis with blood orange perfect purée. It does pack a punch so be careful. I like it in Prosecco also

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      Both of these sound great, Patti!

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