Breakfast Benedict Pizza (Paleo)

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Spring is HERE! At least in California it's sure feeling like it is! Even if the sun isn't shining where you are today, I've got the PERFECT breakfast to bring on the smiles with my brand new Breakfast Benedict Pizza!

Breakfast Benedict Pizza

I've been wanting to create a pizza recipe on my website for years now, but in all honesty, I'm not into using tons of ingredients and making anything that takes a ton of prep time, which is often required with making a homemade, paleo-friendly crust.

While I was brainstorming new recipe ideas for you all using Whole Foods Market 365 products, I thought – what if I made a pizza crust out of plantains? Ummm…GENIUS.

I've made plantain pancakes before, which were a HUGE hit, so I figured I could easily make a denser crust out of them to create this pizza. I've also been obsessed with making fried plantains lately, and have eaten them pretty much daily for the past month.

Have you ever had fried plantains? They're SO. GOOD.

Breakfast Benedict Pizza

If you follow my Instagram stories, then you already know that I pretty much live at Whole Foods Market 365! It's my FAVORITE! I was so happy when this store opened near me late last year. I love grabbing a quick lunch at their Taqueria (they have grain-free Siete tortillas!) while I get my groceries…and more often than not, that ONE ingredient that I often find that I didn't grab the first time that I was there. 😉

I love how easy Whole Foods Market 365 makes it to get everything that I need, all in one place, without having to ever go to multiple grocery stores. I even picked up all of the ingredients to make this Breakfast Benedict Pizza there!

They make it so easy to get in and out, which makes it a little different from your regular Whole Foods – as they don't have a butcher or separate bakery – instead, everything is packed and ready for you to grab-and-go, which also allows you to save more!

Breakfast Benedict Pizza

Signing up for Whole Foods Market 365 online reward program is a MUST for shopping there, as it's the best and easiest way to save money. The entire rewards program is online, so all you'll need is your phone number to save – no physical cards whatsoever!

What else makes Whole Foods Market 365 AWESOME? First off, they've got dairy-free + gluten-free shakes, fries and the best tater tots at Next Level Burger! They also have ready to eat meals, juices and snacks over at Urban Remedy – I loooove the banana chocolate shake and cold crusher juice!

Breakfast Benedict Pizza

To make this Breakfast Benedict Pizza I started with blending plantains for the crust, then topping it with Whole Foods Market 365 pasture-raised eggs (my FAVORITE – the yolks are so orange), chopped asparagus, and Wellshire Farms ham. THEN, I added the game changer – which was my husband's idea – a homemade hollandaise sauce. DROOL.

Breakfast Benedict Pizza

I make my hollandaise using an immersion blender, which I find to be the easiest and most foolproof way to make it. If you don't have an immersion blender you can always use this classic recipe, or this recipe, which uses a regular blender. I've used both of those recipes before creating my own, and I'll honestly say that they were a hit of miss as to whether it turned out or not. An immersion blender is definitely worth the small investment – it's one of my very favorite kitchen gadgets!

Breakfast Benedict Pizza

When it comes to green plantains, they can be a little tricky to peel at times. Luckily my peels came right off when I made this crust, but you can always cut yours off, or check out this post for tips for how to peel them.

Serve this Breakfast Benedict Pizza up with some High Brew Coffee like I did, and you're good to go!

Breakfast Benedict Pizza

Enjoy this Breakfast Benedict Pizza!




Disclaimer: This Breakfast Benedict Pizza is a sponsored post on behalf of Whole Foods Market 365. All opinions on Living Loving Paleo are always 100% my own and I only ever work with companies that I absolutely love. This post also contains affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase something from one of my links, I will receive a small percentage, at no additional cost to you. Thanks for helping to keep Living Loving Paleo up and running!

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    How do you reheat this well? I wanna make it but the hubs leaves for work SO early!

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