My Thoughts on Medications & Paleo

I’m often asked if I take medications for my Crohn’s Disease, and if not, how I stay in remission without them, so today I’m talking all about my thoughts on medications and the role that they play in a healthy … Read More

How I Got My Healthiest & Strongest Hair EVER!

I’m often asked by my readers about hair loss, which something that I’ve personally experienced multiple times, and is more common than most of us think, so today I’m sharing exactly how I got my healthiest & strongest hair ever! … Read More

Incorporating Exercise With Illness

Incorporating exercise with illness is something that I’m asked about all the time by my readers, and I have LOTS of experience with it, so that’s the topic I’m talking all about today! I remember the days that I would … Read More

How I Got My 1st Pull-up (Video!)

I’ll never forget the first time I hung on a bar, thinking that it couldn’t be THAT hard to pull myself up. Then I tried lifting my body, and I literally didn’t move. From that moment on, I was determined … Read More

Finding Balance in Life

Last week I asked my Instagram followers for blog post ideas that would truly help them. I always want to know what your challenges are and what you’re struggling with, because I’m here to help you thrive. Today I’m tackling … Read More

How I Healed My Adrenals – Part II

To read Part One of How I Healed My Adrenals, click HERE. After the post that I shared last week on my Instagram page, and along with my first post about recovering from adrenal insufficiency, so many of you reached … Read More

Learning to Love Your Body

When I was a little girl, my dad taught me that strong is beautiful, and that skinny wasn’t something to focus on. My mom also played a huge role in how I saw myself as a child, but it was … Read More

How I Supercharge My Gut Health

By now, most of you know that I suddenly ended up in the hospital a couple weeks ago, due to a blockage in my small intestine. If you haven’t already, you can read about my recent health journey in my Stronger Than … Read More

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