Changing Your Diet – Our Quick Tips!

Changing your diet can be CHALLENGING, but you wanna know what I think is even more challenging? Being stuck where you’re at right now when you’re not feeling your best, sick, unhappy, tired…whatever it may be. I get it, because I’ve been there myself.

Changing Your Diet - Our Quick Tips!

I’m someone who’s constantly experimenting on myself to find what it is that makes me feel my absolute best. This has shifted a lot over the years, from starting out 4+ years ago with a strict paleo diet, to how I eat now, which is extremely intuitive.

Food was the one thing that I was told over and over wouldn’t make a difference in my health, throughout my many years with Crohn’s Disease. In reality, it ended up being food that was causing so many of my health struggles, and once I changed my diet, my life completely changed, and I’m now healthier and stronger than I’ve EVER been before.

One thing that I’ll never do is tell you what you should eat. I’ve learned over the years just how different we all are, and I don’t believe that there’s one diet that everyone should follow.

Finding exactly what foods work for you and make you feel YOUR very best is incredibly empowering. I had absolutely no idea how food was affecting me until I completely changed my diet and discovered just how amazing I could actually feel. Food can be THAT powerful. I believe that this is something that we all deserve, and that’s exactly why Mike and I are sharing our quick tips for changing your diet.

No matter what diet changes you want to make, I hope this video leaves you feeling motivated and inspired to take that next step towards your goals!

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Enjoy this video all about changing your diet!


Changing Your Diet – Our Quick Tips

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  1. The Peckish Girl
    | Reply

    Thank you for another awesome video guys. You are so lovely together! And the tips are great. Especially about finding what works for you. I also went through a classic paleo to a more modified version of it and I feel better than ever.

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      So glad you enjoyed it, and happy you’re feeling so great!

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