Charred Harvest Salad

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This Charred Harvest Salad is the perfect fall salad to balance out your Thanksgiving meal, or you can top it with leftover turkey to create a complete, delicious meal of its own! It's so good that my pup tried to snag a bite…

Charred Harvest Salad

Thanksgiving dinner tends to be heavyyy, so I love balancing it all out with a super light and delicious salad – which is exactly why I created this Charred Harvest Salad for you! The lemon vinaigrette is the perfect flavor combo to really make this salad pop, and the whole dish is a total breeze to whip up.

I used pre-cut veggies from Mann's Fresh Vegetables to make this salad even easier, as they did the prep work for me! I used a package each of brussels sprouts, cauliflower florets & crinkle cut sweet potatoes, which are all my favorites, but of course you're welcome to sub in any veggies that you'd like.

Charred Harvest Salad

Thanksgiving also means that it's my hubby's 40thbirthday! It feels a little wild since we met when he was 24, which basically feels like yesterday. I always used to roll my eyes whenever my parents would talk about how fast time flew when I was a kid, and now I'm the adult that GETS IT. Time is FLYING.

That's also why I've made a very conscious effort to not add as many things to my daily to-do lists as I normally would, and outsource anything that I can. It goes against basically everything that my brain wants, but in reality, I'm so much happier when I'm not trying to constantly do it allllll. The holidays tend to be a crazy time for many, and what we'll all remember the most is who we spent our time with, and how much it meant to us.

I'm gonna be taking my hubby on a surprise getaway for his birthday this weekend, and then celebrating at home this year and making Thanksgiving dinner completely on my own for the first time EVER. Looks like I'm a real adult now. YIKES.

In real adult fashion, I even created a full Thanksgiving menu with some of my favorite bloggers, just for you! Stay tuned for that coming at ya tomorrow.

Charred Harvest Salad

Enjoy this recipe for my Charred Harvest Salad!



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Charred Harvest Salad

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