Creating a Positive Mindset

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Creating a Positive Mindset

Welcome the very first exclusive video all about mindset! Mindset has played a HUGE role in not only my own life, but my husband, Mike’s, as well. Creating a positive mindset is the reason that we’re both healthy, thriving and loving life now. While I dealt with mostly physical illness, Mike took on an incredible emotional toll throughout the years that I was sick. Through our own experience, and LOTS of practice, we both took back control of our own lives to become the happiest and healthiest versions of ourselves.

In our first video, Creating a Positive Mindset, we’re sharing all about how we started to make a shift in the thoughts that we think and the words that we say, and how our athletic training has played such a big part in it all. This concept can apply to any area of your life, and this video is an introduction to how you can begin to change your own life as well. 

Enjoy this video for Creating a Positive Mindset!


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