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Once I changed the food that I was eating and started reading labels, I began to realize that my house was still filled with chemicals that I was using on a daily basis. Even the products that I thought were safer and better choices (most likely due to clever marketing and packaging), weren’t in fact “healthier” at all. Talk about lame!

I know how overwhelming it can be when you feel as if you need to switch out everything within your household. I think it’s awesome how people are able to make their own cleaning supplies, but I also realize that not everyone has the time or desire in order to do so. I say, more power to you if you make your own cleaning products, and you should definitely pat yourself on the back! But, with that said, I’m also not afraid to admit that this isn’t the case for me 😉

When I was first starting out with this new lifestyle, I just wanted someone to tell me what products were available to purchase that were safer choices for my family. I didn’t have this resource available to me back then, so that’s what I hope to accomplish for you today!

I care about the health of my family, as well as all of you, and I don’t want anyone unnecessarily exposed to toxic chemicals, should you choose to avoid them. Here is a list of my favorite cleaning supplies, which are also top rated on

This is part two of my Detox Your Lifestyle series. If you’re also interested in how I cleaned up my beauty routine, please click HERE. Your body will thank you for it! 🙂

I hope you find this post helpful!


All Purpose Cleaners:

Bon Ami Cleaning Powder – This is seriously the best scrub cleaner ever! It’s super inexpensive and cleans my entire bathroom and kitchen better than anything else. If you know anyone using that smelly green powder that comes in a can (you know the one I’m talking about) have them switch it out with this!

Dr. Bronner’s Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner – A little goes a LONG way with this cleaner. I add a small amount to a spray bottle filled with water and use it to wipe down any surface in my home, including my tile flooring.



Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid – I was using a dishwashing liquid that said it was “environmentally friendly” on the packaging, so I figured I was good to go. Annnnd then I looked it up on and found out it was one of the worst rated. Yikes! I swapped it out with this one, which happens to be top rated on, and my problem was solved!

Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Pacs – Same story as above with this one. These actually work better than others that I thought were safe to use!



Bon Ami Cleaning PowderAgain, this stuff is the most awesome! I use it for anything that needs a good cleaning, minus my flooring and laundry.

Green Shield Organic Bathroom Cleaner – Great for wiping surfaces and gentle cleaning.



Molly Suds – Yet another product I was using that was labeled as “environmentally friendly,” and yet when I looked it up, it was one of the worst rated. WHY do companies get away with this? Anyway, I ditched the one I was using and started using this brand and love it! It works really well to get out stains and freshen up your clothes, all without any toxic chemicals.

Dryer Balls – After learning just how toxic dryer sheets actually are, I knew they had to go. One of my favorite skincare companies came out with these alpaca dryer balls, so I decided to give them a shot. I’ve been using them for a few months now and really love them. I add a few drops of essential oils to freshen up my clothes!



Simple Green Naturals Carpet Care – Something that’s labeled green and isn’t misleading 😉 This works great to get stains out of carpets.

Dr. Bronner’s Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner – I use this on our tile flooring and it works great! You only need a tiny amount, so this bottle is gonna last me 3 lifetimes!


Glass Cleaner:

Green Shield Organic Glass Cleaner – This stuff works great on windows without the fear of breathing in some seriously harsh chemicals!


Here’s a challenge for the week ahead:

Go through your cleaning supplies and search three of the products you use most often on to find out how they rate. If they aren’t the best, swap them out and know that you’re making steps in the right direction!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Do you make your cleaning supplies at home, or do you purchase some items?

Have you found any cleaning products that you love, that I didn’t list here?

Have you been surprised to find out that products you are/were using are actually really toxic?



This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase something from one of my links, I will receive a small percentage, at no additional cost to you. I will only ever recommend products that I truly believe in, and that I use myself or find to be very valuable. Thanks for helping me to keep my blog up and running!

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  1. Lemons 'n Lyme
    | Reply

    So glad you did this post! I’ve been struggling to find good, healthy cleaners and don’t’ have time to make ALL my cleaning supplies at home. I can’t wait to get to the store and replace my families cleaning closet with these better alternatives!

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      I’m so glad you found this helpful! 🙂

  2. Just Love Your Guts
    | Reply

    Love this post!! Time to overhaul my collection of cleaning products, THANK YOU!!

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      Gah, you’re the best!

  3. Paleofrenchielover
    | Reply

    I agree, this post was perfect. I was actually at Target yesterday and purchased Seventh Generation Dish Soap and will definitely invest in Planet detergent. Thank you for sharing all this information with us, you ROCK!!

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      Thanks so much, I’m so glad it helped!!

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