Did You Know?

Did You Know


Raise your hand if you love coffee! I certainly do, and I’m gonna go ahead and guess that most of you do as welll! I wanted to share some information from San Francisco Bay Coffee Company, which addresses an important issue, and honestly, it’s not something I had ever thought about before. 

Did you know that 19 million cubic feet of plastic waste enters the landfills every year just from kcups ™ alone? That’s really crazy when you really think about it, right? With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, it’s a really great time to see where we can each cut back on how much we toss into the garbage, especially when it comes to plastic.  

I love San Francisco Bay Coffee for not only having delicious coffee, but also because they’re working hard to create real change in the industry. Not only are they transforming the entire single serve coffee system with their new OneCups (which happen to be environmentally friendly & have a compostable lid and ring), but their coffee is also fairly traded (SO important!) and they give back in many ways to the community!

Head on over to San Francisco Bay Coffee Company to read this fascinating article about k-cups™ and what they’re doing to make a drastic change to this growing issue, with their new OneCup! Having this information, I could never look at single serve coffee the same way again!

Also, stay tuned to my Instagram for an awesome earth-friendly coffee themed giveaway that’s coming up this month!


Did You Know?

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