Eating Healthy and Balanced Meals While Traveling

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Eating healthy and balanced meals while traveling is something that I'm super passionate about, because loooove good food, I love getting to experience life and different cultures and feeling awesome while doing it all is an absolute must for me.  

I just got back from Hawaii last week, where I enjoyed so much great food, and grilled fish and salads were balanced out with acai bowls, delicious gelato, and cocktails at dinner! I found it so EASY to eat gluten-free in Hawaii and noticed that more and more restaurants are even labeling their menus with what's gluten-free and what isn't. LOVE when restaurants do that! 

Currently, we're in London and Scotland for 2 weeks, and I'm SO excited to be here! I'll be using all of these tips myself as I travel around another country and experience brandnew cultures! 

Eating Healthy and Balanced Meals While Traveling:

Eating Healthy and Balanced Meals While Traveling

Plan Ahead 

Planning ahead is KEY for eating healthy and balanced meals while traveling. Regardless of where I'm traveling to, or how far away it is, I always bring along my own snacks. I love packing grass-fed jerky (New Primal Beef Thins are my fave), healthy bars (such as RxBars), nut butter (I'm hooked on EatNutzo travel packets lately), and I also bring along my own collagen peptides (I use Vital Proteins single-use packs). 

When we got to Hawaii, our first stop was to a health food store to grab some essentials. We picked up some more healthy snacks for the room, as well as yogurt and kombucha to keep in our hotel fridge.  

When it comes to dining out, I wrote an entire post all about my best tips! I always check out restaurant menus online, so that I know what to expect. If you have known allergies/intolerances to certain foods, then I'd highly recommend calling the restaurant (during non-peak hours) ahead of time to speak with a manager. Kindness goes a longgg way of getting the help that you need!  

Is it Worth it? 

Finding what works for my body and what doesn't has been key for me to know if eating a particular food is worth it or not. I know that eating gluten makes me sick for 3 days, so you can probably guess that it's something that I'll never knowingly eat. Maybe it's worth it to you, or maybe it doesn't even bother you at all? That's for you to decide! 

I know that I don't do well with rum, and as GOOD as those Mai Tai's looked in Maui, I never had one, as feeling sick just isn't something that's worth it to me.  

Maybe you know that you don't do well with rum either, but you decide that it is worth it to enjoy that delicious Mai Tai and not stress about it. That's the beauty of this life – it's your decision to make! 

As for my thoughts on alcohol, I wrote a post all about that too, and how alcohol fits into my healthy lifestyle, cause this girl loooooves a good cocktail once in awhile! 

While I don't technically recommend this (or anything!), I personally always travel with Bulletproof Charcoal Capsules. Any brand probably works, but this is just one that I know and trust. It's RARE that I ever feel sick when dining out/traveling, as I know my body so well these days, but I'd rather be safe than sorry and have some charcoal on hand if needed. As with anything, I always recommend doing your own research and deciding what's best for YOU!   

Eating Healthy and Balanced Meals While Traveling

Let it Go  

If there's only one thing that you take away from this entire eating healthy and balanced meals while traveling post, it's to let goooooo of the stress. Don't worry about being perfect – you're traveling and hopefully having the time of your life! 

While I certainly go out of my way to find awesome restaurants with high-quality food (searching grass-fed beef/gluten-free restaurants on Yelp is my go-to), I definitely don't stress about the oils that they use, or that everything is organic and perfect, because it's something that I'm not able to control. 

Stressing about the food that I'm eating while traveling is just never, ever worth it to me. I'm a BIG believer that I could be eating the best diet in the world, but if I were stressed all day about it, none of what I was eating would even matter. 

Have the BEST time on your next adventure, and I hope that this eating healthy and balanced meals while traveling post helps!   

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