My Favorite Deodorant EVER

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As a kid I couldn’t wait until I could wear deodorant! Was I the only one?! When I became a teenager and started to wear deodorant I remember being disappointed, as the deodorant didn’t seem to do what it was supposed to. Over the years I tried just about every store bought deodorant there was, only finding that I’d need to apply them several times throughout the day in order to keep smelling fresh. Or basically smell like I was covered in perfume – same thing. 😉 Now as an adult, I’ve finally found my favorite deodorant EVER, which I’m sharing with you today!

My Favorite Deodorant EVER

Using a chemical based deodorant may be harmful to our health, and because of this, I made the decision years ago to find a natural deodorant that actually WORKS. I went through every natural deodorant I could find, only to be left disappointed with the results. Some of them just straight up didn’t work, and others left rashes under my armpits.

It wasn’t until my friend Bethany created her amazing skincare company, Primally Pure, that I found my favorite deodorant EVER! This deodorant actually WORKS, and it literally works better than ANY deodorant that I’ve ever used! It’s truly just a bonus that it’s completely non-toxic and only made with easy to pronounce ingredients!

This is the only deodorant I’ve used for the past 3+ years, because it’s that AMAZING! I’ve also found that dabbing the deodorant on works perfectly (as opposed to swiping it on) so that I don’t end up applying more than I need (this also avoids any issues with staining clothes).

I apply this deodorant once every morning and it keeps me fresh all day long, even after intense workouts in the heat! I seriously can’t praise this deodorant enough, and I’m forever grateful to Bethany for creating such an amazing, non-toxic product!


Have you tried Primally Pure products yet? They’ve truly changed my life! You can find all of my other favorite Primally Pure Products HERE!


My Favorite Deodorant EVER

My Favorite Deodorant EVER

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