Finding Balance in Life

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Last week I asked my Instagram followers for blog post ideas that would truly help them. I always want to know what your challenges are and what you're struggling with, because I'm here to help you thrive. Today I'm tackling the first topic that came up a TON, which is finding balance in life.

Finding Balance in Life

So, you've changed the food that you eat and you've started to read the labels on the back of packages. It can feel overwhelming once you begin to realize all the chemicals that our world is full of, and you think that absolutely everything needs to be organic, non-processed, etc. Next thing you know you're reading that you need to swap out ALL of the products that you use on your skin, in your home and everywhere else that you can imagine.

Add on top of all of this that you need to make your own everything, have all of your mercury fillings removed, never ever use plastic, hunt and gather your own food, turn your own butter from unicorn tears…oh, and then you need to make that butter into ghee. I'm kidding…kinda.


Finding Balance in a society that tries to tell you that you should be perfect, act perfect and look perfect, can feel next to impossible. Really, all of this is enough to make anyone feel completely overwhelmed.


I once felt overwhelmed with thinking that I needed to swap out everything and never, ever touch any chemicals with a 10-foot pole, but then I came to realize that we're human, and it's more than okay to not be doing it all.

I definitely don't do it all.

The online world has a way of making others lives look completely perfect, while you feel like you're barely hanging on. This is WHY I always aim to be transparent in my journey, as I am far from perfect.

I do however feel that I've found a balance in life that works for me when it comes to eating whole foods and using more natural products, because I simply no longer aim to do it all. Life is a journey, not a one-stop destination, as many of us would hope.


My best advice when it comes to looking for balance in life is to decide what's truly the MOST important to you. This is different for each person. Write it out. Focus your time and energy on those things, and simply let the rest go.


To me, stress is never worth it. Stress puts you into a fear-based mindset, and I've found that it only works against any efforts that I'm putting in. So really, there's no point.

While I have swapped out the majority of the products that I use for more natural versions, it's taken me YEARS to get to where I am today. This isn't a process that happened overnight, by any means.

I started by switching out the products that I use the most (aka daily) for more natural versions that I loved. This took some trial and error, as sometimes the first natural version I tried just didn't work as I had hoped, and I'm not one to settle. I started this journey by swapping out most of the products that I use daily.


I also believe that making educated decisions is key. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your health. I'm well aware that some products that I use that are not the best, but the key here is that I'm AWARE.


My gel manicure, the highlights in my hair, my hairspray and deep conditioner that I use are far from natural, but I'm okay with that. I don't use these products everyday, so it's simply not something that I stress over. If one day I find a more natural version that I love, I'll swap it out, and then I'll move right along. I also have 2 mercury fillings from when I was a kid, which I'll have removed one day, but today is just not that day, so I'm not going to let it consume my thoughts.


I call this choosing my toxins wisely.


I let all of the stress go and I simply do the best that I can each day, because to me, the stress is never worth it.


Again, I'm not perfect, so please don't put the pressure of perfectionism on yourself either. It's the killer of happiness.


I've found that when you approach life with a stress-free attitude, and not a fear-based mindset, everything just becomes easier. So no matter what you're struggling with, know that it's okay to let go a little sometimes. No one can do it ALL on their own.


Here's some previous posts I've written about non-toxic products that I've found and LOVE (aka, easy swaps!):


Finding Balance in Life

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    Love this post!!! I love your perspective on the balance 😘😘😘

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