Five Tips For Managing Stress (VIDEO!)

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Five Tips For Managing Stress

Mike and I are back with another video for you, which is all about creating a positive mindset! This week we're tackling a topic that I'm often asked about, which is how to manage stress. This is a topic that Mike and I have learned through our own experience, so we broke this video down into Five Tips For Managing Stress. We both use these five steps anytime stress comes up, which is pretty much daily, as stress is a part of living life.

For most of my life, I used to let stress completely consume me. Now that both Mike and I have taught ourselves how to manage stress right as it comes up, we can share our very best tips with you so that you can begin to change your own life!

Mike and I broke this video down into five super realistic and actionable steps that you can start applying right now. If stress is something that you struggle with, I truly believe that this video has the power to completely change your life, if you begin to take action with the steps that we gave you. Action is KEY. It takes practice, and I still practice these steps every single day, and each time I apply them into my own life, it becomes easier and easier to manage stress right as it comes up.

If you read my post from last month on how I healed my adrenals, you know that in order to heal my body, I had to learn to deal with stress better than I ever had before. While stress is a part of life and will always show up, learning how to best manage it can completely change your entire life.


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Enjoy this video for our Five Tips For Managing Stress!



Here's the Five Tips For Managing Stress that Mike and I discussed in the video! Feel free to write them down along with any notes that you took away while watching!


  1. Recognize That You're Stressed

  1. Watch Your Thoughts & The Words That You Say

  1. Write it Out & Make a Plan

  1. Take a Step Back

  1. Realize That You're in Control

  1. […] In order to heal my adrenals, I learned to manage stress like I never had before. When I would become stressed, it would tax my adrenals, and when my adrenals weren't able to produce cortisol, this would make me very sick. I went through this cycle for years, basically until I said "no more," and I completely changed the way that I handled stress. If this is something that you struggle with, Mike and I also created a video for you with 5 easy tips for managing stress right now. […]

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