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Summer is here! Well, close enough. 😉 The days have been warm in California, and it makes me want to play outside all day, everyday! As summer rolls around each year, I always think about how I can stay safe in the summer sun, because I really love being outside!

My health goes far beyond the food that I eat, and over the years I’ve started to pay more and more attention to what I’m putting on my largest organ – my skin. It’s been a slow transition, and it can honestly feel a little overwhelming at first, when you’re changing not only the food that you eat, but also the products that you use.

Did you know that commercial sunscreens contain really terrible ingredients, including hormone disrupters and serious allergens? Most are marketed to babies and kids. When you really think about that, isn’t it a little mind-blowing? Thankfully there are companies out there that really do care!

BeautycounterBeautycounter is a line of skincare and makeup that I recently discovered, and it’s AMAZING!! Beautycounter is a company that really cares about the products that they sell, which are completely safe for you and your family. All of their products are rated 0-2 on, which means that they’re the most legit and safe products on the market. It can be hard to find clean products that actually work, so I’m even more stoked that I LOVE all of Beautycounter’s products.

Beautycounter’s Protect All Over Sunscreen is rated a 1 on EWG, which means it’s safe for you and your family! It’s formulated with non-nano zinc oxide, is lightweight, water-resistant, and won’t leave white streaks. Allure even praised this sunscreen as 1 of 12 top chemical-free sunscreens!

Protect All Over Sunscreen is a MUST-HAVE! It sells out extremely quickly, so I ordered a bunch to stock up for summer. Beach trips here I come! The last shipment of over 3,000 units completely SOLD OUT in just a week! If you’re thinking of placing an order, now’s the time!

Beautycounter also has super low, $5 flat-rate shipping on all orders, so it’s a great time to stock up and try all of their incredible products. I really can’t rave about this company enough. Click here to check it out, and you’ll see why I’m completely obsessed!!

Now, onto the GIVEAWAY!!



To Enter:

  1. Visit this link:
  2. Leave a comment below, letting me know which Beautycounter product you’re most excited to try!

A Few More Rules:

  • Giveaway is open to US residents only
  • The winner will be chosen at random on Sunday, June 7th at 6pm PST.
  • Once the winner has been selected, you will have 48 hours to respond. If there is no response within 48 hours, a new winner will be selected.




PAID ENDORSEMENT DISCLOSURE: In order for me to support my blog, I may receive monetary compensation. I will only ever recommend products that I truly believe in, and that I use myself or find to be very valuable. Thanks for helping me to keep my blog up and running!

52 Responses

  1. Julie moon
    | Reply

    I would love the Protect All Over Sunscreen.

  2. Kristen
    | Reply

    The Hydrate everyday body lotion seems right up my alley!

  3. Erin
    | Reply

    I’m excited to try the shampoo and conditioner!!! The body was as well!!!

  4. Kristin
    | Reply

    The sunscreen

  5. Alicia Cole
    | Reply

    I would really love to try the any time eye cream!

  6. Tara Furnas
    | Reply

    The sunscreen and the glow sugar scrub!

  7. jaysbakingmecrazy
    | Reply

    I’m actually most excited about that sunscreen! I haven’t found a good on that I feel comfortable using. I also like that they have makeup. My skin is so sensitive and that would be a great option.

  8. Susan Doak
    | Reply

    I would love to try the protect all over sunscreen. I live in Texas and Florida part time and spend a tremendous amount of time in the Sun. I’m looking for a product that will be healthy for my body.

  9. Kimberly R.
    | Reply

    I would love to try this new beauty counter sunscreen and the lipstick. I have tossed all my old makeup full of chemicals and have already started using other brands of natural make up. Have heard so many positive things about Beautycounter and would be thrilled to try it out as well! Thanks!

  10. robin
    | Reply

    The all over Sun screen!

  11. ileana
    | Reply

    The kids squeaky clean. 🙂

  12. Hannah
    | Reply

    Being a Florida girl, I’m pretty excited about the sunscreen. 🙂

  13. Barb
    | Reply

    the sunscrren

  14. Anya
    | Reply

    I don’t use much foundation, but I’d love to try the Dew Skin moisturizer! You can’t beat moisture and color coverage in one.

  15. Candace
    | Reply

    the sunscreen, I work outside in the sun all day so I’m covered in sunscreen and would love to find a great one thats good for your skin tooo

  16. Ashlyn
    | Reply

    I’m such a product junkie. Literally all of it! I would mostly want to try Countertime collection. I love skincare, and am starting to wonder about what I put on my skin …

  17. Heather S
    | Reply

    I’m most excited to try the shampoo & conditioner!

  18. Chelsie M.
    | Reply

    I couldn’t decide on just one! I keep my makeup super simple – bronzer is my staple, so I would love to try it! Also, the kids line looks amazing for my littles, and definitely would be estatic about the sunscreen because we spend so much time outside!

  19. vida
    | Reply

    Sunscreen. I am an avid golfer. Sunscreen. Thanks for the heads up Kristen about sunscreen toxins – double edged sword

  20. Patty vazquez
    | Reply

    I would love the sunscreen we plant our own veggie garden in my house and we spend lots of time under the sun so this will be amazing ☺

  21. Alicea
    | Reply

    I think I would really like the all over suncreen and the suncreen stick, we spend a lot of time outside during the summer!!! 🙂

  22. Patricia Young
    | Reply

    I would love to try the tinted moisturizer and some of the eye make-up!

  23. Elizabeth G.
    | Reply

    I would love to try the Clean Everyday Conditioner.

  24. Megan Rogge
    | Reply

    The Citrus Mimosa hand cream. It sounds delicious!

  25. Erin
    | Reply

    Definitely the sunscreen! I’m working on replacing my beauty products with more natural choices and a sunscreen with good ingredients that isn’t greasy is on my list, especially since I’m so pale, I’m basically see-through.

  26. Nicole
    | Reply

    I’m outdoors all year (I teach an adventure program for teens), so I would love to try the sunscreen the most.

  27. Just Love Your Guts
    | Reply

    Would love to try the sunscreen, all the makeup, and the shampoo & conditioner!!

  28. Cindi Cooke
    | Reply

    Hi I would love to try the sunscreen and the tinted moisturizer with sunscreen! I went to the website and tried to email from there but it wasn’t working properly!

  29. Kendra
    | Reply

    Loving all the lipsitcks, especially the lip sheer in Twig. Also loving the Lustro face oils and this sunscreen sounds amazing too!

  30. Cat Wong
    | Reply

    Lip Sheer!

  31. Liz D
    | Reply

    The dew skin tinted moisturizer looks like it would be perfect for beachy days!

  32. stmwhittemore
    | Reply

    The all-over sunscreen would be perfect

  33. Christina Moore
    | Reply

    I’m so excited for summer and would LOVE to try the Protect All Over Sunscreen!!!

  34. Katy
    | Reply

    Sunscreen or shampoo!

  35. Lyric Lucchesi
    | Reply

    The suncreen is what I’m actually most eager to try also their make-up products look amazing!

  36. Hollis
    | Reply


  37. Annaly Orlando
    | Reply

    I would love to try the Sunscreen! My family and I spend a lot of time in the sun!

  38. Julie
    | Reply

    I’m hoping to try this non-toxin sunscreen. Hopefully it would work for my sensitive skin.

  39. Carolyn Hernandez
    | Reply

    Excited about this sunscreen.

  40. Pamela
    | Reply

    Hydrate everyday body lotion and Citrus Mimosa hand cream sound amazing!

  41. Marcie
    | Reply

    I want to try the dew skin moisturizing coverage spf 20!

  42. Lisa Hamrick
    | Reply

    Battling breast cancer and have to wear sunscreen constantly. I will try this even if I don’t win!

  43. Liz
    | Reply


  44. Tricia
    | Reply

    The eye cream!

  45. Cindy A.
    | Reply

    I would love to try the Touchup Skin Concealer Pen.

  46. Melissa
    | Reply

    I think I’d love to try the Tint Skin or the Dew Skin. (And of the course the sunscreen. I’m currently without as I’ve not found one I truly like.)

  47. Maggie P
    | Reply

    I’m in need of the Vibrant Eye Protector

  48. Amy K
    | Reply

    Dew Skin is definitely the product that most appeals to me, although they ALL look amazing! It’s so hard to find face care/tinted moisturizers/sunscreens without nasty chemicals. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  49. Lourdes
    | Reply

    I’m addicted to tinted moisturizers and the Dew SPF 20 sounds great!

  50. Karissa
    | Reply

    Id love to try the Dew moisturizerfor myself but I’d love to try the sunscreen for my kiddos too!

  51. Olivia Borer
    | Reply

    The scrub and sunscreen!

  52. livinglovingpaleo
    | Reply

    Congratulations to Annaly on winning the Protect All Over Sunscreen! Thank you all for entering! Stay tuned, I have more giveaways heading your way 🙂

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