Gluten-Free Cookie Taste Test

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Our ultimate gluten-free cookie taste test is here! We are testing 9 packaged gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. Find out our favorites!

man and woman holding chocolate chip cookies

If you've been following along with our taste tests since before we created our YouTube channel, then you'll probably remember that we did a cookie taste test earlier this year. As it turns out, Mike and I realized that our original favorite gluten-free cookies had recently changed their ingredients, which resulted in a cookie that tastes stale.

man and woman doing a gluten free chocolate chip cookie taste test

I don't know about you, but we've got no time for stale cookies over here! So with that, we went on a brand-new cookie adventure to share our favorites (and not-so-favorites) with you. As it turns out, we have a couple new brands that we absolutely LOVE!

packaged gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Here are the gluten-free cookie brands that we put to the test:

Enjoy our gluten-free cookie taste test

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