Going With The Flow (Motivation Video!)

Going With The Flow

Last March, Mike and I were heading to Expo West (a huge convention in Los Angeles) and instead, I ended up in the hospital. My small intestine had twisted on itself, which was pretty much the last thing that I could have ever expected, as I was incredibly healthy going into this experience. Instead of an amazing business trip with my husband, we spent 4 days in the hospital. 

Here's the thing, life happens. 

This is where we ALWAYS have a choice.

We can choose to resist the events in life that are going to happen anyway. Like the hospital stay.


We can choose to accept what's happening, and go with the flow. 

Ahhh, the art of letting go and going with the flow. Many of us know this can feel incredibly challenging at times.

Mike and I made the decision to go with the flow during that hospital stay, and because of that, so much GOOD came from the experience. Had we resisted and even felt resentful towards it, we would have only seen all the pain and suffering. It's because I decided to go with what was happening, and not fight it, that it built me into an even stronger woman, and I'm honestly so grateful that I went through that challenging time.

Mike and I know how challenging going with the flow can be, so today we're here to share our best advice with you, so that you can live your life possible!

Enjoy this motivational video all about going with the flow!


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