Hard Kombucha Taste Test

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I've been hearing about hard kombucha for years, but hadn't actually tried one for myself until just a few months ago. Turns out, both Mike and I love it! With such a huge variety of different brands and flavors, we decided to do the ultimate hard kombucha taste test to find our favorites to share with you.

bottles of hard kombucha lined up on a bar

Mike and I have done many different taste tests over this past year, with many more to come, and our goal is always to save you time and money. Obviously we all have different taste buds, but we're hoping that by sharing the brands and flavors that we love (and the ones that we'll never purchase again), that it gives you a great place to start. 

In our very first episode of the Mike & Kris Show, we taste tested 19 (NINETEEN!) different hard kombuchas for you. 

hard kombucha on a bar for a hard kombucha taste test

Here are the brands & flavors that we tested:

GT's Synergy – New World Noir 

GT's Synergy – Heavenly Hops 

GT's Synergy – Piña Paradise

June Shine – Acai Berry 

June Shine – Blood Orange Mint

Flying Embers – Grapefruit Thyme

Kyla Hard Kombucha – Coconut Crush 

Booch Craft – Grapefruit Hibiscus 

Pulp Culture – Hustle 

Nova – Peach Passionfruit 

Nova – Orange Brunch 

Nova – Sexy Piña Colada

Flying Embers – Black Cherry

Flying Embers – Ancient Berry

Flying Embers – Pineapple Chili 

Kyla Kombucha – with a hint of Ginger Tangerine

Kyla Kombucha – with a hint of Pink Grapefruit

Kyla Kombucha – with a hint of Hibiscus Lime

Kyla Kombucha – with a hint of Berry Ginger

Mike & I both had a clear winner for first place and can't wait to hear if you've tried this flavor for yourself. It's SO GOOD.

We'll love you forever for subscribing to our new channel and watching our taste tests. Stay tuned as we have a dairy-free "cheese" taste test comin' at you next time.

Enjoy this video and let us know if we missed any must-try hard kombuchas in the comments!

woman and man behind cans of hard kombucha on a bar

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