How I Healed My Body From The Inside Out

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I just have to start this post with a huge thank YOU! My heart was overwhelmed by the beautiful and incredibly sweet comments left on my Eat The Yolks giveaway. I truly wanted you all to win a copy of Eat The Yolks, it’s a life-changing book! I’m often told that I’m an inspiration, but what you may not know, is that it’s all of YOU that inspire me. Every comment left and every email I receive only makes me want to work harder to make this world a better place, because I know so many of you are still struggling. I’m stronger everyday because of YOU. I wish you could see the smile on my face when I’m reading your comments and emails, maybe then you could understand just what an inspiration you are to me. So, thank YOU, from the very bottom of my heart!

My journey and my story made me into who I am today, but it doesn’t stop there. My road to healing has been long and uncertain, full of frustration, exhaustion, hope – just about every emotion you can imagine. It gives me butterflies in my stomach to even write this – I now have the health I’ve always dreamed about. In fact, it’s better than I ever realized was possible!

Is everyday perfect? No, not at all. I have awesome days, I have good days, and I have the more rare days where I’m really tired and don’t feel as great. I am really, really grateful for all the awesome days, I never used to have those! I’m well aware that my body is also still in the process of healing, It’s been through a lot over the years, so I do absolutely everything in my power to give it what it needs. My desire to be healthy is as strong as my need to breathe.

I’m an overachiever and a workaholic to my core, both of which are good and bad. Working for myself is absolutely amazing. I’m literally living my dream, but it also means that there is no stop and start time. If I could, I would work constantly, but thankfully, I’ve learned my limits and I know that it won’t do me any good to go non-stop. I’m so grateful that I have my husband to keep me in check, his constant reminders to take breaks and to not push myself too hard are much of the reason I’m healthy today. I’m still learning, it’s not easy for me to slow down, but I know it’s so necessary in order to completely heal.

The things I’ve had to do to become healthy, are things that I honestly once thought were both weird and disgusting. Now they seem like unicorns and rainbows, because they work like absolute magic!

If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be swallowing liver “pills” and downing fermented cod liver oil, I’d have told you that you were not only disgusting, but that you were downright c-r-a-z-y! Making my own broth out of beef bones was enough to make me shutter. With that said, I’ll tell you something, when you’ve been sick for so long, and suddenly these super foods start healing you deeper than you ever thought possible, you’re willing to join the “crazy side.”

After reading some awesome posts by my friends over at Just Love Your Guts, and A Dash Of Meg, I started to think about my own digestion and my own healing. When I had my colon removed my doctors told me that my digestion would never be great again. Well, if I’ve learned anything, it’s this –

Never take anyone else’s beliefs as your own truth. 

Just because it’s happened to someone else, just because it’s happened to hundreds of people, does NOT mean it will happen to you. Don’t let others beliefs limit what you are capable of. If I’d believed what so many had told me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Period.

I truly had no idea just how amazing I could actually feel! I’ve had days where I feel absolutely unstoppable, and that’s how I know just how good it can really be. I strive for that. That’s why I do “weird” things! Weird is the new cool!

Now keep in mind that I added the following items into my diet slowly, it took some time to adjust and get used to the idea of it all. It didn’t happen all at once, although now I wish I’d known about these nutrient-dense, super foods years ago! Ready to get weird with me? Here’s how I’ve healed my body from the inside out!

Bone Broth – 

Heather over at Just Love Your Guts was the amazing woman who finally got me to try making my own bone broth! She broke it down and showed what it’s really like to make broth, in this post. Bone broth is really just a fancy name for the broth that our grandmothers used to make, the kind that was slow cooked and didn’t come in a box. Bones kinda freaked me out, but they sure don’t anymore! I’m head over heels for this stuff, and it tastes amazing! I get my bones from a local farmer at my farmers market, who raises happy, grassfed cows. I love the idea of using the entire animal, and I’m so thankful for the nourishment that the broth provides.

I try to get in a mug of bone broth everyday, and I also make all of my soups using homemade broth. Thanks to my friend Deanna (you can find her @strive_to_thrive on Instagram) and her suggestions, I found that I absolutely love adding turmeric, apple cider vinegar, and Himalayan sea salt to my broth! The benefits of bone broth are truly amazing! It’s great for your joints, hair, skin, nails, it’s super healing for your gut, and is a great natural source of gelatin and calcium, among many other vitamins and minerals!

Bone broth has been essential in my healing. I was on antibiotics for years, typically 30 days at a time with a week or two break in between, and that was when any infections I had would just come right back. All of the antibiotics really took a toll on my gut, and bone broth has been essential in my healing. The recipe I use is from Practical Paleo, and can be found HERE. I can’t recommend homemade broth enough! Go get some grassfed bones!


Liver “Pills” – 

Ah, something I used to believe was terrible for my body! Unfortunately that’s a common misconception, which stops many of us from seeing this superfood for what it really is. I believed that because the liver filters toxins from our body, that it also stored the toxins. Tis’ not the case, as it’s actually ;/.lthe most nutrient dense superfood we can take in, and it’s forever changed my life! This article from Chris Kresser explains the benefits of liver better than I ever could. Adding liver to my diet has been by far the BEST thing I have ever done for myself. I kid you not, I take some liver “pills” in the morning and afternoon, and it gives me the most incredible energy!

This was the most recent addition to my diet, and I am now obsessed with my liver “pills!”  I was reading a blog post about raw liver “pills” on one of my favorite sites, Stupid Easy Paleo, and then I listed to a Balanced Bites podcast where Liz Wolfe, from talked about her liver “smoothies” and how much energy they gave her and her husband. Let me just tell you, they both SOLD me on liver. My husband immediately and I went searching, and picked up some high quality grassfed beef liver at the farmers market, froze it for 14 days, cut it into pills, and swallowed! For whatever reason the raw liver seemed to upset my stomach a bit, so I started cooking my “pills” and taking them that way. They work just as well for me! My husband, however, does great with taking raw liver! I say, whatever works for you! I take 2 tablespoons per day, in the morning, and again in the afternoon. Liver works wonders for me, I couldn’t recommend it enough! Gimme all the liver! Grassfed, of course 😉


Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend (Green Pastures) – 

Fermented what?! Huh?! I know, I know, that was me too! This was another recent addition to my diet, although I’d been hearing about it for quite some time. People seemed to swear by it, and now I know why! This stuff is amazing! Honestly, what held me back from trying it was that most people seemed to talk about how disgusting it tasted. You could say I was more than pleasantly surprised when I tried it for the first time and it tasted like…cinnamon! My husband and I really can’t taste “fishiness” to it whatsoever!

Want some more information on the amazing benefits of fermented cod liver oil? Check out this post from The Wellness Mama!


Probiotics – 

I take lots and lots of probiotics in everyday, in the form of capsules, kombucha, and sauerkraut. I love me some probiotics! Oral antibiotics kill off all of the good bacteria in your gut, and although it’s been quite awhile since I’ve been on antibiotics, I notice a HUGE improvement in my digestion when I’m keeping up on my lovely probiotics! They make my gut super happy!


Gelatin – 

This is a really fun way to get in some awesome gut-healing benefits! I found grassfed gelatin on Amazon, and couldn’t wait to make some homemade gummies! Steph, over at Stupid Easy Paleo, has an awesome and super easy recipe for homemade kombucha gummies here. They’re so fun to eat, and they have great health benefits to boot!

Want to know more about the benefits of gelatin? Check out this awesome post from Stupid Easy Paleo!


Resting – 

Napping, relaxing, resting, chillin’ out – whatever you want to call it – it’s one of the most important things I’ve learned to do for myself. Let me just say, it took some practice, because I am not someone who likes to stop going. Once again I have my husband to thank for this! As a fire fighter, he’s often awake during the middle of the night, so napping is key for him to stay sane and healthy. I believe adequate rest is absolutely vital in order for your body to heal. Whenever it’s possible I make a point to relax at some point during the day. Whether that’s actually taking a nap, reading a book, whatever it may be, just to refresh my body. I can’t tell you how much more efficient I am when I take time during the day to relax, I get so much more done! I highly recommend it for everyone

My story is constantly changing and I’m always learning new things. As time goes on, I know I’ll be adding more healing tips to this list, and I’ll be sure to share them with you, no matter how crazy they may seem!

Do any of you have something that’s worked wonders for your healing?

Disclaimer – I am not a healthcare professional, nor do I have any medical training. Everything you will read on this blog is based solely on my personal opinion, or research that I have done. I technically don’t recommend anything, make sure to do your own research and talk to your healthcare provider.  

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  1. healthyleanfit
    | Reply

    These are some incredibly huge steps that are all so so important!!! I think you also mentioned taking digestive enzymes recently. Although they may not be healing in and of themselves, they allow you to eat the foods that help your body to heal! You ARE amazing! I smile just reading your posts, too! And I’m so pleased, my friend, that I was able to inspire you with how you consume your bone broth! ❤️ Here’s another fun tip: this week I added about 3 slices of bacon to my broth in the last few hours of the simmer. It imparted a nice smokey flavor to the broth! So fun!

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      Deanna, you are SO right! I didn’t even think to add digestive enzymes to the list, but they are truly a life saver for a girl without a colon 😉 Thank you for your constant support and love on my blog! Oooohhh, bacon sounds amazing!! I told you you make the best broths!! I can’t wait to try that myself!

  2. Elizabeth Ross
    | Reply

    Im a proud mowwma:) I am so thankful that you are using your long, often painful,life experience to help others,inspire them to think outside the box. The proverb says “Hopelessness makes the heart sick” and you are bringing hope! God bless you darlin.

  3. Stacey
    | Reply

    I love this post and I love you! I feel you on the probiotics! So healing and good for us! I think I might have to make me some bone broth soon! Also, I was just reading up on prebiotics and jimica is a good source. I’ve been all over that. Crunchy and delicious! 🙂

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      Love you too, Stacey! Broth is seriously SO amazing, I swear it’s the main reason I haven’t caught any bugs this year! I had no idea jicama is a good source of prebiotics, I love jicama too! Especially in homemade ranch 😉

  4. Stacey
    | Reply


  5. Mika
    | Reply

    great reminders….especially about remember that even if you are feeling better, it is still important to keep up with these healing foods/lifestyle decisions! I like to make bone broth with oxtail… is a great way to get all of the good stuff at one time 🙂

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      Thanks, Mika!! I’ve been wanting to try oxtail, I never have! I just saw it at my farmers market and didn’t even think to make broth with it, great idea!

  6. adashofmeg
    | Reply

    GIRRRRRRRRL! Do you know how much I love you? Seriously, babe. This post ROCKS. I love all of your posts, but reading this post feels like you’re just chatting with me over a cup of tea 🙂 or bone broth 🙂 😉 I cannot wait to get home and situated. THEN I will purchase organic grassed bones and start making myself some healing broth, too. I really need to start fermenting my own veggies once i move back home, too 🙂 i just cannot wait until i am situated and ready to go to town on all my homemade stuff 😀 i cannot wait.

    thanks for this post and thanks for tagging me in it too! you’re the sweetest girl ever and i cannot WAIT to give you a hug for real 🙂

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      Awww, thank you Meg!! You’re too sweet, and I love all of your comments! Homemade broth is SO yummy, can’t wait until you have time to make some! I need to get on fermenting my own veggies too, I haven’t yet 😉 Thanks so much for all the LOVE!

  7. Nic
    | Reply

    Great post. I’ve just started taking the fermented fish oil. How long was it until you noticed a difference in taking them? It’s only been a few days for me. I went to the dentist the other day, and I may need a filling. I’m hoping taking the pills and doing other things will help it heal naturally.

    Mika, I just made ox tail broth for the first time. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

    It’s great to hear the reality of it all, and changes you made. It’s also encouraging that there are better days ahead. I can get so overwhelming and discouraging when there is such a mountain to climb.

    A great idea with the liver. I’ve just bought some. I’ll try it cooked for now. A small bit at a time then build up. Any reason that it needs to be frozen for 14 days first?

    Sunny spring hugs form across the pond.

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      Thanks, Nic! It’s hard to say just how quickly I noticed a difference from taking the fermented cod liver oil, since I started taking liver around the same time, and I noticed the difference from that right away. Have you ever heard of oil pulling? I haven’t tried it yet, although I know quite a few people who do it and swear by it for the health of their teeth. Maybe worth looking into!

      I completely understand how discouraging and overwhelming the entire healing process can be. I took small steps to get to where I am today, which ended up making huge differences. I hope the same for you!

      From what I’ve read it takes 14 days in the freezer to kill off any parasites that may be in raw meat. The cooked liver “pills” work great for me, so it’s worth a shot either way!

      Hugs right back to you!

  8. abwlestari
    | Reply

    There are many ways how you can incorporate gelatin into your daily diets.

    1. Take unflavored gelatin powder as a daily supplement. Mix 1 tbsp with room temperature liquids twice per day.

    2. Incorporate more homemade bone broth into your daily diet.

    3. Drink it warm, use it to flavor rice or pasta dishes, or use as a base for soups.

    4. These scrumptious homemade marshmallows are a tasty treat that includes gelatin.

    5. Make your own gelatin squares using unflavored gelatin and real fruit juice or honey to sweeten.

    6. Add powdered gelatin to homemade soups for thickening.

    7. Throw it into a smoothy, you won’t even notice it’s there.

    8. Dissolve gelatin in your hot cereals.

    9. Add it to hot drinks, like tea or coffee.

    10. Gelatin also can be used to thicken homemade yogurt, or sauces that turn out too thin.

    11. It can even be used in making homemade baby formula

    Note: Looking for halal/kosher gelatin? Get it at

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