How I Sustain This Lifestyle

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How I Sustain This Lifestyle

Something I’m asked about all the time is how I seem to make this lifestyle look so easy. In reality, it IS easy for me, because if it weren’t, it wouldn’t last. Today I’m sharing with you all about exactly How I Sustain This Lifestyle!


How I Sustain This Lifestyle:


Keep it SIMPLE

SO much of how I sustain this lifestyle comes down to keeping it super simple. I’m not someone that you’ll find making complicated meals everyday (or honestly ever), as for me, that wouldn’t be sustainable or fun. Instead, I either batch cook a bunch of simple proteins (think burgers, grilled chicken, shrimp, etc), and mix up the flavors using one of the sauces from my eBook, Get Sauced! (You can download an exclusive sneak peek of my eBook HERE).

If I don’t have anything prepped ahead of time, you’ll find me making one of my five simple meals that I shared with you!

This is also why I developed my Meal Creation Sheets, as I know just how busy life can get, and keeping meals simple is the key to making this lifestyle last.


Make it FUN

What do you think the odds are that you’d stick with something if it were fun, versus if you dreaded it? I’m prettyyyy sure that we all have the same answer for that. 😉 I’m able to sustain this lifestyle because I’ve learned how to make it really enjoyable! For me, this means always doing the best that I can, but never letting food choices stress me out.


If I don’t have anything prepped, and I really don’t feel like cooking, I’ll grab something to eat from a restaurant. If I’m dining out and didn’t choose the restaurant myself, I simply do the best I can with whatever options I have at the time. It may not always be perfect, and I’m okay with that. You can find my tips for dining out HERE.


Know Your WHY

I’ve talked about this before, but knowing exactly WHY you’re doing something can make all the difference. I know what it’s like to be really sick, and that’s why I refuse to go back there. My why is so big and so important to me that no excuse can ever get in the way.

Think of what your “why” is. Write it down on an index card or a post-it and place it somewhere that you’ll see multiple times a day. This will serve as a reminder that you’re on this path for a very particular reason. This is what can help to make your choices non-negotiable.


These are the three steps for how I sustain this lifestyle, and I hope they help you on your journey as well! Do you have a tip that you’ve found helpful? Tell me in the comments below!

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