How To Make Paleo Easy

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I'm here to help empower you to live your very best life and teach you how to make paleo EASY!

How To Make Paleo Easy

Eating real food is HARD. Or is it?? While changing your diet can seem like a huge, overwhelming challenge at first, I don't believe that it always has to be that way. After all, I've learned to easily sustain this lifestyle for nearly 5 years, and because of this, I'm sharing all of my BEST tips with you today for how to make paleo easy!

Along with all of my tips, I'm sharing some special, limited time, discount codes with you below!


How To Make Paleo Easy:

How To Make Paleo Easy

1. Get It Delivered:


Having real food delivered right to your doorstep makes eating this way SO MUCH EASIER! I've been using ButcherBox since last fall and they're by far one of favorite services.

ButcherBox delivers high-quality, 100% grass-fed beef, heritage breed pork and organic, free-range chicken right to your doorstep, for less than $6 per meal! Their meat is AMAZING and the pork chops are the best I've ever had.

Seriously, season their pork chops with sea salt, black pepper and garlic powder and sear them in ghee in a cast iron pan for 2 minutes on each side, and then finish them in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes (or until cooked through). SO GOOD. You can thank me later. 😉



How To Make Paleo Easy


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How To Make Paleo Easy

Thrive Market:

I've been using Thrive Market since they started in 2015 and have been SO impressed with their service. Thrive Market is like Costco meets Whole Foods – online. I get many of the products that I would typically find at Whole Foods, only for much less (up to 50% off!). I mean, who doesn't love saving $$$, plus having the convenience of your groceries delivered right to your doorstep??

You can try Thrive Market out for yourself at an even more incredible discount through the link below!


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How To Make Paleo Easy

2. Keep It Simple:

One of my best tips for how to make paleo easy is this:

Cook up a super simple protein (I like to have 2 different kinds on hand) and roast up a bunch of different veggies, and keep everything stored in your fridge. I season the protein and veggies with just sea salt, garlic powder and black pepper and completely mix up the flavors of my meals with easy, homemade sauces!

This is exactly why I created my eBook, Get Sauced, which is filled with 33 EASY and DELICOUS sauce recipes that are all designed to make eating real food so simple. Seriously, I'm not sure how I'd survive without sauces. Sauces are LIFE!

If you're brand new to making your own sauces, be sure to check out THIS video where I show you just how easy it is to make my Chipotle Aioli! I ALWAYS have a batch of this aioli in my fridge!


How To Make Paleo Easy

3. Meal Creation Sheets:

If you're a member of my membership program, Invincible Inspiration, then you've probably already downloaded my Meal Creation Sheets, so you know just how helpful these sheets are!

I first came up with these Meal Creation Sheets years ago when I was working one-on-one with food coaching clients. Most of these clients that I saw were sick, and while they needed to make diet changes (as directed by the functional medicine practitioner that I was working with) they didn't have the energy at the time to be constantly cooking and creating different meals.

I designed these Meal Creation Sheets to make eating real food so simple. Like, SO SO SIMPLE.

These sheets are designed around turning the most basic protein and veggies (which you only cook up once a week) into incredibly delicious and completely different meals, so that you never, ever get bored!


How To Make Paleo Easy

4. Make Ahead + Freeze It

Whether life suddenly becomes extra awesomely-scheduled, you're planning for the arrival of a baby or are having surgery, making meals ahead and freezing them can be the biggest lifesaver!

I've put together an entire guide for my top tips for freezing meals as well as separate ingredients (bone broth, ginger, etc), along with my recipes that freeze the best!


How To Make Paleo Easy

5. Let Go Of Perfectionism

This one is HUGE.

I constantly see others stop themselves in their own tracks with diet changes because they believe that they need to be perfect. Yesterday I shared in my stories that I grabbed a rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods, and I received SO many messages from concerned readers. The rotisserie chicken has plastic…isn't that toxic?? Shouldn't I be worried?? 

Often, we're our own worst enemies, and we're the ones that sabotage our own success. One of the ways that I've been able to easily sustain this lifestyle for nearly 5 years, and how I found true health, was by NOT being perfect. I simply do the best that I can in every situation. 

I learned that the key to my happiness has been letting go of fear. While I recognize that the rotisserie chicken is in plastic – I simply don't worry about it. For me, eating real food is what's most important, and rotisserie chickens are a huge time saver. When you let go of the need to control everything and worry about every little detail, that's when the MAGIC happens. That's when eating real food becomes sustainable.

I know just how difficult this all seems at first, as I was once there too. I truly hope that this post helped you to see just how to make paleo easy, and how you can make this work for your own life!


Now I'd love to hear from you in the comments! Are you new to eating this way, or do you have a hack for how to make paleo easy that I didn't cover in this post?


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How To Make Paleo Easy

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    Always love your posts Kristen! I've been straying but trying to be paleoish most of the time with a cheat day allowed. I'll be using your tips and recipes for a

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      You got this!

  2. Shanlyn
    | Reply

    Thank you for #5! I go in waves of perfectionism and obsession and am slowly (after 3 years) coming in a rhythm that works for us…and you're a big part of helping me find it. The thing that keeps me going in addition to seeing success for myself is that I'm know I'm setting my kids (one with rheumatoid arthritis) up for a lifetime of having the tools to keep themselves healthy. That makes it worth it!

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      Love that you have such a HUGE "why" Shanlyn!

  3. Katie
    | Reply

    Hi! I"m doing AIP right now and have NO desire to eat anything I can actually have. Sauces would definitely help! Are there a good amount of sauces in your ebook that are AIP compliant?

    • Katie
      | Reply

      Never mind! I saw the part above where you talk about egg-free, nut-free variations. I bought it!

      • livinglovingpaleo

        Awesome, enjoy Katie!

  4. Hillary
    | Reply

    When I'm in a flare, it's super hard for my body to digest all the veggies! I imagine it would have been the same for you? How did you ease into the new diet?

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