How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

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My easiest tips for how to stay healthy while traveling! 

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

When it comes to traveling, there's a bigggg difference between traveling for business and going on vacation. Going on vacation means sleeping in, being on your own time, and doing whatever sounds fun in the moment. Vacation means an easy ticket to feeling GOOD!

Traveling for work is typically the exact opposite, where you're on someone else's schedule and often running around like a crazy person. BUT, it doesn't have to always be that way, and you actually can come home feeling awesome!

I often travel for work, and in the past, traveling used to completely wear me out. I used to always come home super sick. Now, I make an extra effort to really take care of myself while I'm away, and today I'm sharing all of my best and easiest tips for how to stay healthy while traveling!


How To Stay Healthy While Traveling


Load Up On Bone Broth:

Before I head out of town, and after I return, I always make sure to get lots of bone broth into my diet. You can read more about the healing benefits of bone broth here, which is why I love it too and have been using it for years! Of course it'd be great to have some broth while you're away, but I get that it's not always possible, so I simply do my best to load up before and after traveling.

My favorite brands of pre-made bone broth are Bonafide Provisions (needs to stay cold) and Kettle and Fire (shelf-stable).

I also have an easy slow cooker bone broth recipe on my website, and an Instant Pot bone broth how-to video in my membership website, Invincible Inspiration.


Drink ALL The Water:

Okay, maybe not all of it, but staying hydrated is super key for me to stay healthy while I'm traveling. It's easy to forget to drink water when you're on the go, which is why I always carry around a reusable water bottle that I easily can fill up!


Pack Your Own Snacks:

The obvious way to stay healthy on vacation is to stay somewhere with a kitchen so that you can make at least some of your own food and control the quality of the ingredients – but being that this isn't always possible (especially if someone else picked the hotel), so I've got some other tips for you!

Regardless of where I'm going, I always bring along healthy, pre-made snacks, which includes:

Nut Butter: I love the single-serve almond butter packets from Justin's

Jerky: I love Paleo Valley and Epic

Dried Fruit: Made in Nature is my fave

Fresh Fruit + Pre-cut Veggies: I bring my own when traveling by car, or purchase them at a local store if traveling by plane!

What I don't bring along = any sweets.

Sweets are the easiest thing to find anywhere, and kinda the last thing that I need while I'm traveling, so they're left outta my luggage.

If you're ever looking for a particular product that you've seen or heard about, simply search the brand's website for store locator!

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Probiotics + Wellness Shots + Green Juices:

Most hotel rooms that I've stayed at in recent years seem to have a mini fridge in them already, but even if your doesn't, you can easily request one from the front desk! They typically have to have them on hand as some people require them to store medications.

Once I get into town, I always head straight to the nearest Whole Foods/natural foods market and stock up on probiotics, green juices and wellness shots.

Probiotics: My favorite probiotic which is GREAT to travel with, as it's shelf stable and comes in individual packages, is Puori SB3 Synbiotics, which also contains Vitamin C and prebiotics (which feeds the good bacteria in your gut = super important). Click HERE and save 20% off of your entire Pouri order with code LIVINGLOVINGPALE20 (offer expires July 1, 2018). I also love Farmhouse Culture Gut Shot and Kraut, as well as many different brands of kombucha.

Green Juices: My favorite cold-pressed green juices are from Urban Remedy and Evolution. I most often get green juices that are only sweetened with lemon, as fruit juice can add quite a bit of sugar.

Wellness Shots: Currently I'm loving the wellness shots from Urban Remedy and Kors.


Eat + Drink Only What's WORTH IT:

One of the best ways that I stay healthy while traveling is to eat and drink only what's worth it – and avoid what isn't. This could mean eating paleo, or it could mean having some ice cream or a cocktail – either way, I ask myself if it's truly worth it. To me, being "worth it" means that it won't leave me feeling terrible, and it tastes amazing.

While I was recently traveling to Expo West in Anaheim, my husband and I found a great restaurant that made their own ice cream. Homemade ice cream? Ummm, yes please! I do great with dairy and don't notice any issues, so it was a 100% worth it treat to me!


Yelp Is Your New Bestie:

Yelp is the BEST for finding amazing, gluten-free and paleo friendly restaurants. I simply use search terms like "gluten-free restaurants" or "grass-fed beef" and am always amazed with the local gems that pop up!

If dining out with special dietary needs freaks you out, I've got you covered with my entire Dining Out Guide!

Breakfast Hack: my favorite breakfast hack when ordering at a restaurant to avoid junky oils – I order poached eggs (as they're cooked in water), uncooked or steamed veggies (or I ask if they're able to cook them in real butter or olive oil), sliced fresh tomatoes, bacon and/or fresh fruit. TA DA – a healthy breakfast with nothing you don't want! It's the little things that truly add up!


Do What's Necessary, And Let The Rest Go:

When traveling for business, it's EASY to get caught up in the hustle and be moving a zillion miles an hour. No wonder so many people come home sick! Whenever I travel, I literally only do what's absolutely necessary, and the rest slides away.

While traveling to Expo West last month, the convention started at 8am and went until 5pm. It's also literally miles and miles of walking in crowded rooms with a ton of food samples sitting in the open air…all during cold and flu season. This is why I took extra precautions to be sure that I wouldn't get sick!

Most people arrive to Expo West first thing in the morning…me…not so much. It's not 100% necessary to be there at any particular time, so I slept in a bit in the morning and came and went as I pleased, all while paying close attention to how my body was feeling.


Let The Stress Goooo:

Sometimes you can do all the "right" things, and you still might get sick. It's OKAY! Please don't ever beat yourself up – guilt and shame are the two easiest ways to make yourself feel even more terrible. If you come home not feeling your best – allow yourself the time to rest.

Now, whenever I come home from traveling, I block off the entire next day to slowly get back into my groove. I realize this may not always be possible if you're required to get right back to your job, but really consider doing as little work as possible on that first day back. Easing back into my routine is one way that I ensure that I'll still be feeling great!

After ending up in the hospital during Expo West last year, I learned that rest and relaxation are KEY. It may not always be easy to do when you're traveling for business, but even taking a few minutes to yourself can make a BIG difference. Saying "no thanks" to anything that isn't necessary or whatever it is that you're not feeling is totally okay!

Nothing is more important than your health. Trust that I learned this lesson the hard way, which is exactly why I'm sharing all of my lessons for how to stay healthy while traveling with you!

Also be sure to check out my guide for my travel essentials, and what I ate in a day while traveling!


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How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

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