Learning Something New

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Learning Something New


Learning something new can mean pushing past LOTS of fear, which is why most people avoid it completely. Our minds are incredibly crafty, and are constantly looking for anything and everything that could go wrong. After all, our minds aren’t here to make us happy, they’re only here to help us survive.

I’ve learned to recognize that my mind is often looking for ways to get out of whatever it is that I truly want to do, so that I’ll go back to my safe little comfort zone.

When you truly realize this, it becomes easier to understand that YOU truly have the power to shift your thoughts, and in turn, you can change your entire life.


Here’s the thing that I know for sure though – great things never come from comfort zones.


This concept applies to my own life almost daily as I’m constantly learning something new, whether it’s for my business or my athletic training. A few weeks ago I started taking parkour classes at the training center that I go to. This meant putting myself out there in front of others and trying something that I’d never done before. Even in my obstacle course training, I’m constantly learning new techniques where I often fail over and over in front of others.

Here’s the thing though, we’re often the only ones judging ourselves. And really, if someone else is judging you, they aren’t worth a moment your time.


There’s a serious power behind saying “screw it, I’m just gonna give this all that I’ve got.”


When you’re facing the choice of trying something new or staying in your comfort zone, tell yourself that you’ve got this, and then just GO FOR IT! What’s the worst that can happen?

And by the way, parkour is SO MUCH FUN! I would have never known this had I not started taking classes!


Learning Something New

Learning Something New

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