Letting Go of Perfection

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Letting Go of Perfection

Welcome to the very first exclusive Friday Tips post, where every Friday I share a simple tip with you that I've found to be helpful in my own life, in hopes of making your life easier!


Today I'm talking all about letting go of perfection when it comes to what you eat.


Although I don't know where you're at on your real food journey, I do know that so many people put so much pressure on themselves to be perfect when it comes to what they eat. I'm a huge believer that the stress that we put on ourselves is worse than any food that we could be eating, and to me, the stress of trying to eat "perfect" isn't ever worth it.

I hear it all the time…"but it's not grass-fed, so I can't eat out at any restaurants"…"I totally fell off the wagon because I ate a bunch of cookies"…the list goes on and on and on.


We often become our own worst enemies with the things that we tell ourselves.


In reality, we ALL have slip-ups and we all make mistakes, it's a part of living life. If you made a choice that you're not the happiest with, practice becoming aware of what you're telling yourself, and then practice simply letting it go, and move forward.

I believe that in order for something to be sustainable for the rest of your life, you have to find a way to really LOVE it. To me, that doesn't mean being perfect. I don't actually believe that perfectionism even exists. I've been eating this way for over 4 years now, and what started out as something that felt incredibly challenging has now become simply part of my life, and it doesn't require much thought anymore. I don't stress if I'm dining out and the meat isn't grass-fed, or they don't use the best oils – I just do the best I can given the situation.

Letting go of the pursuit of perfectionism has completely changed my life, and it's my hope that this message helps you as well. The longer you practice and just stick with something, the easier and easier it will become.


Are you someone who struggles to dine out at restaurants while eating real food? I've got incredible resources for you with my Dining Out Guide, My Dining Out Guide for the Bay Area, and my Paleo Travel Tips!

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