Life-Changing Sauces in 30 Seconds (VIDEO!)

I know from my own experience that changing your diet can seem super overwhelming at first, and I’m often asked how I’ve been able to sustain this lifestyle over the past 4+ years. The truth is, I LOVE eating this way, not only has it completely changed my life (to say the least!), but over time I’ve found how to make it incredibly simple. The key truly is these life-changing sauces in 30 seconds!

Life-Changing Sauces in 30 Seconds

My husband and I mainly stick to eating basic protein and veggies, which can get prettyyy boring if you don’t have amazing sauces to switch the flavors up! This is exactly why I created an eBook with 33 of my absolute favorite sauces, because sauces are what make this lifestyle so EASY, exciting and delicious!

The key to these creamy sauces (such as the homemade mayo or Chipotle Aioli that I make in this video) is to use an immersion blender, as it’s the easiest and most fool-proof way to make them! It’s one of my absolute favorite kitchen gadgets, and you can grab one through the link above, or find them at any store that sells small kitchen appliances!


Enjoy this video for my Life-Changing Sauces in 30 Seconds!

Make sure you watch until the end for some uhhhhmazing outtakes! 😉



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  1. shaunayaeger
    | Reply

    Love you, love how fun you make everything and love your husband!

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      Thanks, Shauna!

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