Magical Minty Bars

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Magical Minty Bars

I've got an uhhhhmazing FREE recipe to share with you today for my Magical Minty Bars! I've had so many of you sign up for my brand new membership program, Invincible Inspiration, and I truly couldn't thank you enough for your support! I've had a few questions regarding this new membership website, so I'll clear them up here.

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Magical Minty Bars

The fifth times a charm with these Magical Minty Bars! I debated scratching this recipe entirely after hours and hours of work on it, but if you know me, I'm not ever one to give up…so the testing continued! I actually set out to create peppermint patty cookies, but after the 4th time and only semi-decent cookies, I changed up the recipe completely and decided to create cookie bars. What came out of the oven was better than I could have even hoped for…the batter turned into the most delicious Magical Minty Bars ever, and they tasted just like legit brownies!

Brownies happen to be my favorite dessert ever… especially topped with vanilla ice cream! I haven't had a legit brownie in nearly 4 years, so I was so stoked that this complete accident really worked out! Growing up, I remember my mom making brownies often, and it was SO HARD to stay away from the pan while they cooled from the oven! I often remember standing on my tiptoes as a kid, just to look at the sheet of brownies while they cooled.

You could also easily make these Magical Minty Bars into plain bars/brownies by omitting the peppermint extract. These would also make a great dessert to bring to a New Year's Eve party this year! Simply cut them into small squares for the perfect bite-sized treat.

Magical Minty Bars

Enjoy this recipe for my Magical Minty Bars!



Magical Minty Bars

Magical Minty Bars

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