How To Make Your Own Workout Tank

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Got some old shirts, or shirts that don't fit right? No need to toss them, cause today I'm gonna show you how to make your own workout tank!

Go from this…

How To Make Your Own Workout Tank

TO THIS!How To Make Your Own Workout Tank

Two of the most common questions that I get are –

1. Where did you get your workout tank from?!

And then the question from those that know me well and know that I'm on #teamnosleeves…

2. Howww did you make your workout tank?!

Well friends, I'm answering both of these questions today in my how to make your own workout tank post!

I've been cutting up my clothes since basically forever, and making your own tank is soooo easy, you're gonna wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

This is a GREAT way to turn an old t-shirt that you might toss into something brand new, that you'll get a ton of use from!

A few important notes before we get to chopping (because, hiiii, I've learned from lots of experience of doing the opposite!):

  1. If you're cutting a brand new shirt, make sure that you wash it and dry it as you normally would before you cut it. FYI, cotton tends to shrink more in length than width. So don't say I didn't warn you if you don't want a crop top!\\
  2. Fabrics such as cotton will roll a little when cut, so keep that in mind if you're cutting any amount off of the length of the shirt. Other slinky fabrics, such as modal/polyester/rayon blends won't roll as much.
  3. Most importantly – cut SMALL amounts! Once you cut too much, you'll basically end up with a thong. Again, this girl knows from LOTS of experience! Cut small, try it on and continue to cut/try it on as you go.
  4. I personally prefer men's tee's to make my tanks, as I like the fit of them more than most women's shirts. This shirt here is from Apex Movement Norcal (my training center) and is a men's size small.

With that, let's get to it and have some fun!


How To Make Your Own Workout Tank:



Fold your shirt in half

How To Make Your Own Workout Tank



Cut off the sleeve and the hem (the hem is optional, I just prefer the look of a raw edge on most of my tanks).

Try the shirt on to see if you want to cut more. You can cut the sides as low as you want, the straps as thin as you want, and the hem as high as you want. It's your design, and the options are endless!

Again, cut SMALL amounts each time and keep trying it on until you love it!

How To Make Your Own Workout Tank



This step is totally optional! If you want to make your new tank into a racerback tank, flip your shirt over so that the back is face up.

Cut one side of he back into a racerback shape (be extra careful that you're only cutting through the back of the tank – I've 100% cut through the front by accident!).

Take the piece of fabric that you just cut from the back, and flip it over to the other side that isn't cut yet. Cut along the other side of the back of the tank, tracing along the piece of fabric.

How To Make Your Own Workout Tank

How To Make Your Own Workout Tank


THAT'S IT! You've now got your own DIY workout tank! Wasn't that the EASIEST?

Once you get the hang of this, you can always get more creative and cut slashes in the back of the tank, or cut the center of the back out of the tank!

How To Make Your Own Workout Tank

How To Make Your Own Workout Tank

How To Make Your Own Workout Tank


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How To Make Your Own Workout Tank

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  1. Grace
    | Reply

    This is so awesome! I do like cutting up t-shirts to make my own workout shirts as well but they always come out uneven. This is a great way to get the cuts pretty even.

  2. Jessica boren
    | Reply

    O my godsh! This is awesome! I never have to over pay for workout shirts again!

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