Motivation Monday – Putting Yourself First


I’m someone who tends to love to move fast, do nice things for others, and get things done as quickly as I can. I’m also a very hard worker, so all of that combined can be a recipe for disaster with my health. Thankfully I’ve learned just how important it is to take care of oneself. I don’t believe it’s selfish whatsoever, in fact, I think it’s the complete opposite. As my husband always tells me, “you can’t take care of others, until you take care of yourself first.” This couldn’t be more true!

Today I’m putting this Motivation Monday post really into action and heading to my favorite place – the beach! To me, this is the ultimate act of “putting myself first” because the beach completely recharges me. I know life can be hectic, but if you feel like you’re burning out, ask yourself if whatever you’re doing is really worth giving up a piece of your health. If it isn’t, consider these five tips I’ve put together of my favorite ways to resetting your energy!


  1. Do More of What You Love

What are you doing when you lose track of time and you’re just totally in the flow of life? What was it that you loved to do as a kid? For me, it’s always been about being creative and spending time outside. When I’m feeling overwhelmed or if I’m having trouble focusing, lately I’ve found that reaching for my adult coloring book or taking my dogs outside to play in the sunshine is like a total reset for my brain. Taking even that small piece of time for myself, just to do what I love, makes a huge difference in my day. Find what it is that you really love and makes you feel alive, and do more of that!


  1. Schedule Time For Yourself

It’s time to take yourself on a date! Or even just schedule a relaxing night in! I’m someone that has to schedule things on my calendar, or else it won’t happen. Lately, especially when my husband is away at work, I’ve been scheduling time for myself to just relax and read, take a bath, or watch whatever show I’m currently into. Right now it’s The Bachelor, as it’s the most ridiculous show, but it’s also just what I need to relax at the end of the day!


  1. End The Work 

I have a rule that I follow, especially when I’m feeling burnt out: I don’t cook, do any dishes, or do any sort of work after 8pm. Obviously this may not always be possible, as leaving dishes out overnight may not go over well with a roommate or family member. But, I’ve found that when this is at all possible, stopping all work by 8pm really helps me to not only sleep better at night, but I also wake up feeling so much more refreshed the next day!


  1. Create a Bedtime Routine

You know how babies have an awesome routine before they go to bed? After they eat they get a bath, then they’re put in their soft pajamas, then they get a story before bed, all done in the most relaxing setting. We should all be doing more of that! Even if it starts with just reading before bed to quiet your mind, the small changes you make can really add up! Lately I’ve been loving reading, drinking tea, and using a lavender body butter before bed, as it’s made a powerful impact on my quality of sleep as well as my energy the following day!


  1. Ride the No Train 

For many people, saying “no” can be a challenge, but saying yes to everything can also completely drain you. I love helping others, but I’ve also realized that it’s really important to have boundaries as well. Of course we all have to do things that we don’t love at times, but I find that I’m the happiest and the most grounded when I’m doing what feels right in my heart, not just saying yes because it feels easier at the time.


I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

  • Are you really good at putting yourself first when it’s needed, or is this something that takes practice?
  • What’s your favorite thing to do for yourself?
  • What’s something that you’re into lately?

Putting Yourself First


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