On The Beach In Hawaii 2.0

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I'm officially back from vacation and settling back into life once again! I absolutely adore everything about Hawaii, and I'm itching to become a "local." I was made for the aloha life!

Whenever we fly anywhere, I always pack our meal. Airplane food tends to be a bit sketchy, so I always like to plan ahead. Many people may not know, but you're allowed to bring any food through security, it's only liquids/gels that must be checked. Luckily I was able to find this probiotic drink at the airport, it was pretty good! Just an FYI, don't try to bring a half bottle of Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil Gel through security, or else you'll shed a tear like I did when they toss it in the trash. Sad day, but lesson learned!

For our flight, I packed a frittata made with eggs, grassfed ground beef, Japanese yams, spinach & hot sauce.


We stayed at the Westin Kaanapali Villas, which is an incredible resort! The view from our room was priceless! There's nothing quite like waking up to this everyday.

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We were super fortunate to have a full kitchen in our suite, so our first stops once we landed were Costco and Whole Foods. We scored at Whole Foods; the butcher charged us $5.99/lb for grassfed ground beef, instead of the usual $8.99/lb! Right when I walked into Whole Foods, I saw my friend Arsy's (from rubiesandradishes.com) newest cookbook, The Paleo Foodie Cookbook! I was so stoked for her; I did a happy dance!


My husband and I started nearly everyday having some fun on the grass by the beach – handstands for me, backflips for him!

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When I was in Kona, Hawaii last year, grassfed beef was easy to find. It seemed every restaurant we went to served grassfed burgers. Maui was a bit different, as we weren't able to find as much grassfed beef around (besides Whole Foods), but we did find some serious gems! A good friend of mine raved about a place called Choice Health Bar, and as soon as we went, I knew we'd be there everyday. If you're in Maui, this place is a must visit!

They had so many paleo options, including paleo granola! This place was definitely one of our favorites. Wish we had one in California!


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Most breakfasts we cooked at our hotel. Errrr, I should say most breakfasts my husband cooked. He's an amazing cook! I love purple sweet potatoes; they have such a great flavor!

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I also had a few things that I wouldn't normally eat at home, but when in Hawaii…

We had shave ice (not shaved ice, don't get it twisted in Hawaii!) from Ululani's in Lahaina. I won't touch high fructose corn syrup, but luckily Ululani's is one of the few places that uses real cane sugar and fruit purees to sweeten their syrups. I don't normally eat cane sugar, as it used to really mess up my blood sugar and make me feel shaky (although I didn't know this until I cut out sugar for awhile), but I was surprised to find that I felt fine after sharing this with my hubby! It goes to show how much my body has really healed on this journey.

It was also a zillion degrees outside, so it was super refreshing as I was dripping in sweat!

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We also had coconut milk ice cream from Breakwall Shave Ice in Lahaina and sorbet after dinner a few nights! Lots of sugar, but it was totally worth it. 

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When we did eat out at a restaurant, I always ordered the fresh fish. I'd have it grilled with just herbs, and either have it with a salad or veggies. Super easy, and always delicious! I've never had an issue ordering a paleo friendly meal at a restaurant; all you have to do is ask!

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One day we spent most of the day in the car driving around Maui. We stopped at a Goat Dairy Farm. Although I don't eat goat cheese myself, it was so fun to spend some time with goats, feed them grass, and learn about their lives! Goats are so cool! 

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I did end up trying goat cheese almost on accident, as I forgot to ask for it to be taken off of the cobb salad that I ordered. It happened to come from the same farm that we had visited, so I trusted the source, and decided to just try it. Luckily I had no issues whatsoever!

We also went to the top of Maui. It was beautiful! 


A hurricane happened to hit Hawaii towards the end of our trip, but we weren't worried. Some of the roads in Maui shut down around 5pm, just as a precaution, and only one restaurant at our resort stayed open. We ate dinner at the one open restaurant, and watched the rain fall down as the clouds came in. That night, I woke up around 1:30 am to look out the window and see the palm trees basically sideways in the wind! I really wanted to open the sliding glass door to feel the wind, but I figured that probably wasn't the smartest idea, so I just watched with it shut. That morning, the only proof of the storm was a few broken tree branches scattered amongst the resort! 

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It was cloudy on our last day, but we still had a great day at the beach and hanging out by the pool! Until next time, aloha!

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  1. Stacey
    | Reply

    YAY Hawaii! I'm glad you guys had a great time! I know for sure that frittata was delicious! 😉

  2. Sounds like a fabulous vacation! If you move to Hawaii I will definitely visit 🙂 I love that you were able to find such awesome food (and ice cream)!

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      You know you're welcome to visit anytime when we move there 😉

  3. kierstenbrianne
    | Reply

    This makes me want to move to Hawaii like right now! Or at least visit! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful vacation 🙂

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      Thanks, Kiersten! If you ever get stationed there, I'm so visiting! 🙂

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