Basil Aioli

Getting back to reality is hard after vacation. I love, love the Aloha life! I’m not so good at moving slow when I’m at home, but something about being in Hawaii just makes clocks and the sense of time fade … Read More

Pesto Cauli Mash

The first time I tried cauliflower mash, I fell in love! I used to love mashed potatoes. Love isn’t even the right word, more like live off of them. When I cut out white potatoes long ago (totally personal choice, … Read More

Curried Shrimp

  Aloha! While you’re reading this I’m most likely paddleboarding or snorkeling with some really pretty fish. Or eating a lettuce wrapped grassfed burger on the beach. Don’t hate me. One of me and my husbands biggest goals in life … Read More

Cilantro Ginger Shrimp

Hey friends! So this post seems totally appropriate since I’m currently packing for Hawaii (!!!) and shrimp are totally Hawaiian! Right? Right. If I were a shrimp, I’d totally move to Hawaii. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be eating a ton … Read More

Prosciutto Wrapped Pesto Chicken Bites

Let’s talk about prosciutto for a minute. AKA, fancy bacon. Does it really get any better?! You could pretty much wrap anything in prosciutto and it would be delicious. This appetizer seems super fancy, but it’s really crazy easy to … Read More

Blueberries & Cream Gummies

I had a serious aversion to jello for a very lonnnnng time. The only jello I knew of was the brightly colored, overly sweet kind that I was solely fed for days, or even weeks at a time when I … Read More

Sweet Potato Sage Pancakes (Nut Free!!)

The other night, as I was eating a baked sweet potato with crispy sage, I thought what a genius combination it was. Sweet and savory. My favorite! The overgrown sage in my garden is begging to be used, so I … Read More

Mexican “Rice”

We had a party for my mother-in-law this weekend, who recently got married, and I made paleo whoopie pies with pink coconut whipped cream (colored with beets, not weird things), as well as macaroons, which both turned out amazing! The … Read More

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