Oh Fudge! Love Bean Pops

I can’t lie, I’m really sad that these have already disappeared from my freezer so quickly! They are so amazing, and we couldn’t help but eat them all! As I was editing the pictures that I took of these “pops,” … Read More

Toasted Coconut Pineapple “Rice”

I’m definitely a summer girl and live for the warm months (although does California ever really get that cold??) and the fruit that summer gives us makes it even more perfect! I’ve been spending some much needed time at the … Read More

The Sunshine & Liebster Awards!

This is seriously the best community ever! I love my fellow bloggers, and all of the amazing people I’ve met through social media. Everyone is so positive and supportive! We all have one goal in mind – to help others, … Read More

The Price I’ve Paid

It all started with one, tiny little pill. It was the first pill I was prescribed when my pediatrician suspected that I had Crohn’s Disease; it was called Prednisone. I still remember the date on the pill bottle, May 23, … Read More

Lemon Poppyseed Muffins (Nut Free!)

One of my favorite things to do is to recreate the food that I once loved to eat, simply because it’s just fun to do! I’m guessing I’m not the only one that once ate those giant muffins from Costco! … Read More

Citrus Herb Chicken

Anything citrus is a total win in my book! I love the bright, fresh flavor that it gives to food! Before I changed my diet, I had never once made my own marinade. Now I could never go back, not … Read More

Pesto Chicken Casserole

People love puppies. It’s a fact. How can you not? I introduced my new puppy, Max, on Instagram, and everyone fell in love right along with me! He received the most likes ever, on any picture I’ve ever posted. Clearly … Read More

Chicken Chow Mein

I am so thrilled to be sharing this recipe with you! I worked on the sauce for hours until it was absolutely perfect, and I’ve gotta say, this tastes just like the real deal chow mein that I remember from … Read More

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