Paleo Pesto Prosciutto Pasta

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Happy first day of fall!

This has been such a fun week so far, and I was featured on one of my favorite podcasts! It was such an honor to be a guest on my friend Steph Gaudreau’s podcast, Harder To Kill Radio! I’m so stoked to be able to share my story with all of you, and I’d love for you to have a listen! You can tune in HERE

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As much as I LOVE summer, I also really love embracing each season for what it is. Let’s be real, California feels like summer 90% of the time anyway, which is why it’s my favorite. 😉 I really love fall squash, and now that spaghetti squash is making an appearance at my local farmers market, I knew I had to create a pasta dish with it! Feel free to add any toppings you’d like, and shredded chicken would also be delicious!

Happy cooking!



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