Paleo Travel Essentials

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Last week while I was traveling to Baltimore, Maryland for Expo East (a natural products convention), I realized that I have a bunch of helpful travel tips that you may not have thought of yet, so today, I'm sharing all of my Paleo Travel Essentials with you!

Paleo Travel Essentials

I used to come home from traveling exhausted and feeling completely run down, but that's not the case anymore since I've implemented these easy tips!

Did you know that you can bring your own food from home on a plane? As long as it's not liquid (or fits within the liquid requirements), I've never had any issues bringing my own food past security.

When it comes to traveling, I simply make healthy eating a priority. I do the very best that I can to take care of myself, especially while traveling, as my health always comes first.

These are my paleo travel essentials that I take along with me for any business trip or vacation! While the snacks may change each time, the idea remains the same.


Paleo Travel Essentials:

Paleo Travel Essentials

Snacks For The Flight:

I already knew that the airport that I was heading out of is super lackluster when it comes to food options, so I always pack my own food to bring on the plane! Even if it's a short flight, it's always a great idea to be prepared for delays or flight cancelations.

Lately I've been super into packing meat, cheese, veggie & cracker plates…which are pretty much my favorite thing to eat. Veggies are often something that I don't get enough of while traveling, so I'm always sure to pack a bunch to snack on during my flight.

I do really well with goat cheese and for this flight I packed my favorite cheese EVER, midnight moon goat Gouda (you can swap this with anything else that you'd like), sliced chorizo, Simple Mills grain-free crackers, snap peas, asparagus, lemon cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

To store my food I use to-go containers that I get from a restaurant, but any plastic container would work, such as a salad greens container from the store. This makes it so that I can easily recycle the containers once I'm finished and I don't have to think about bringing Tupperware back home with me.

The chorizo that I brought along was shelf-stable, so I knew that I wouldn't need to worry about keeping it cold. You can always freeze your food beforehand so that it defrosts by the time you're ready to eat, or carry along a small cooler if needed.

Having food like this prepped and ready for the plane guarantees that I'll have a healthy meal ready that I know will leave me feeling great!


Paleo Travel Essentials

Snacks For Travel:

I always make sure to have a few healthy snack options in my carry-on, as well as my luggage. For this trip I brought along Paleovalley Beef Sticks, Rx Bars, The New Primal Jerky, Dehydrated Banana's, Justin's Almond Butter and Seasnax.

Having healthy snack options on hand makes it EASY to pass those chips and cookies up that the flight attendants bring around!


Paleo Travel Essentials

Supplements For Travel:

When it comes to traveling, I realize that I'm most likely going to me off from my normal routine, especially when it comes to traveling for business, so I always make sure to bring supplements to help keep me healthy as well as keep my energy up.

These are supplements that I take regularly at home, and besides the Organ Complex, they're in convenient, single use packs so that I don't need to bring an entire bottle.


My paleo travel essentials when it comes to supplements are:

Puori Probiotics: an absolute MUST for my gut health – I even take a pack while on the plane. These probiotics in particular are awesome for travel, as they don't require any refrigeration, as most others do. Plus, they taste great!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: These single packs are great for travel and help to keep my gut, skin, nails and hair super healthy and strong! Collagen is a fine, white powder, so it's not exactly ideal for packing it on your own in small bags without looking super suspicious…if you know what I mean, haha 😉

Matcha Tea: I drink matcha tea daily and love bringing my own on trips. These single use packs are SO convenient!

Puori Protein: When I need a quick breakfast or snack, I simply mix this protein into a glass of water and am ready to go for the day! I love having a high quality protein on me that I know will leave me feeling great.

Paleovalley Organ Complex: I know just how important it is to get high quality organ meats into my diet, and this is literally the only way that I'll do it. I notice a difference in my energy when I take this supplement, so it's one that I'm always sure to travel with as well!

Puori 3 – These are the only vitamins that I take every night before bed, and they help to keep me super healthy! These convenient packs include the major essentials that many of us are lacking – vitamin D, B6, magnesium, Zinc and Omega 3's.


Paleo Travel Essentials For The Destination:

Depending on where you're staying (hotel, Airbnb, etc…) will depend on what you want to stock up on once you arrive to your destination. Regardless, every hotel should have a mini fridge available – sometimes they'll charge a small fee if one isn't already in the room, but all you have to do is ask!

This trip to Baltimore was a bit different, as we were heading to a conference FILLED with food, so I didn't need to head to the grocery store to stock up on food for my hotel room, as I normally would.

If I were traveling anywhere else, I would immediately find the nearest Whole Foods or health food store near my hotel, and head there to stock up on items that I want – such as things for making a healthy breakfast, cold brew coffee, nut or coconut milk, chopped veggies, deli meat, etc.


When it comes to traveling, it's really up to you to decide how much of a priority your health is going to be. For me, it's non-negotiable, and even though I didn't get as much sleep on this trip to Baltimore as I normally would at home, the food and supplements made a HUGE difference in how I felt. It's because I took the time to pack these items that I remained full of energy throughout the trip, and came home feeling great.


I hope you've found these Paleo Travel Essential tips helpful for your next trip away from home!


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Paleo Travel Essentials

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