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The Power of Our Minds

"If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present." – Lao Tzu

Thinking back over the years, I realize that for so long my life felt very dark. Throughout my journey with a serious, and at times, life-threatening illness, I felt as if I had lost so much. I lost my health, I lost my career, and I lost trust in others, which included the doctors that I thought would heal me. Although conventional medicine could save my life, I felt betrayed at times, because it was unable to provide me with the true health I was searching for.

Because of these struggles, I know what it's like to suffer, both physically and emotionally. I've experienced the darkness of my own personal hell, where I literally did not know how I would take another step. Even after all of that, here I am today, completely thriving and in love with this life that I get to live! Now I get the incredible gift and opportunity to share these lessons that I have learned, with you.

I believe the stories that we tell ourselves (true or not) become our realities. When you begin to pay attention to the thoughts that you think and the words that you say, your life can really begin to make a dramatic shift.

I'm a huge believer in the power of our minds. We may not always get a choice in what happens to us, but we ALWAYS get a choice in how we react. I can tell you that without a doubt, the reason I'm healthy today has everything to do with my mindset. I believe that if you really want to change your life, you have to get your mind right first. 

This mindset, or way of thinking, was something that I had to learn, because I knew that it would be the key to my true happiness. Once you realize that you really are in control of your thoughts and what you say, change becomes so much easier.

I wrote more about my journey from sickness to health over on my Instagram page a couple weeks ago, and how about becoming aware of my thoughts and changing the words that I say has led to a dramatic shift in my health. To read the original post on my Instagram page HERE.

The power of our minds is truly incredible. These are the 3 steps that I used to change my own life, and that you can use to change yours as well!


  1. Stop limiting your beliefs

In order to get what you want in life, I believe that you first need to know that it's possible. This can take a bit of de-programming, as unfortunately many of us are brought up believing that we have limitations of what we can achieve.

Years ago, when I was still very sick, I was told over and over at every doctors appointment that I went to, that I would never heal, and that I should just get used to my life the way that it was. This is where I had a choice. I could have chosen to believe my doctors, and used that as an excuse to stay sick. I decided that wouldn't be my reality, so I refused to believe what they told me, and I kept my mind focused on what I truly wanted, which is why I'm so healthy now. It's not that my doctors wanted to see me sick, it's simply that they didn't have the tools to help me heal past saving my life.


  1. Stop saying "can't"

This is a BIG one. So often we think that we "can't" do something. In reality, that's most likely not the case. I could easily say that I can't eat gluten, but that really isn't the truth. I can in fact eat gluten if I wanted to, it's simply that I choose not to. Becoming aware that you're saying or thinking that you "can't" do something is a huge step in the right direction.


  1. Put in the work

It's up to you to decide to do the work necessary in order to change, as no one else can do it for you. This means deciding that you do in fact want to change your life and are no longer letting excuses get in the way. It may not be easy when you're first getting started, but it is so worth the true happiness that you'll soon discover!


So where do you really begin with shifting your mindset? My husband, Mike, is a master at this, so I'll let his advice take over from here.

"The first step in changing your mindset is being aware that you need to change it in the first place. We all get irritated, we all get stressed…it's going to happen, no doubt. Once you realize that you don't need to feel that way, it becomes easier to take control of your emotions. Here's the trick: focus on the present moment. That's it! Let me give you an example… 

Let's say someone pisses you off, and all you can think about is how they wronged you. So you walk around tense all day and allow that emotion to control you and your reactions to everything & everyone around you. At this point, you are dwelling in the past, it doesn't matter anymore, it's over. I say, don't give that person power over you. Realize that YOU are in control of your thoughts and emotions. Let go of whatever it is that's bothering you. It no longer serves you. Perhaps you'll choose not to interact with that person in the future, that's up to you. When we aren't fully aware and in the present moment, we aren't able to access our true potential." – Michael Boehmer


Our time on this earth shouldn't be about pain and suffering. I believe that we're meant to thrive, and I hope to show you, that you can change the outcome of your life too. It starts with changing the thoughts that you think and the words that you say.


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The Power of Our Minds

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