Real Talk Tuesday: Asking For Help

This brand-new series, Real Talk Tuesday, is all about something that I’ve struggled with, and how I learned to work through it, in hopes of making your life easier! This month I’m talking all about asking for help, and how it’s played a vital role in both my life and business.

For the past 5+ years, I’ve run my entire business on my own.

Then, early last year, my wonderful husband joined forces with me to help create some fun new projects, and while he was such a huge help, 2018 was also a really amazing year of growth for our business. By the end of the year, I felt that I straight up couldn’t keep up. My creative energy felt like it had vanished.

Quite honestly, I felt like I was failing.

An anxiety that I hadn’t experienced in a LONG time crept back into my life, and I realized that I had a deep fear of losing everything that I’d worked so so hard for.

I was pretty quick to recognize where this anxiety and fear stemmed from. After all, this same fear was a piece of why I was sick for so long, without fully realizing it at the time. I was afraid of getting so healthy and then losing it all.

Feeling like a failure was truly the biggest fear that I’ve ever known.

Years ago, that was a TOUGH one for me to admit, but I’ve learned that in order to live the life that I most dreamt of, I had to be the one to get out of my own way.


Asking For Help


I’m not someone who can ever stay down for long and I’m all about taking action, so I quickly decided that I needed a solid plan. That’s what I did in order to heal my body, and it was the same practice to release the fear and anxiety of taking my business to a whole new level.

I knew that asking for help was going to be key in order to grow my business further and release the overwhelming feeling.

I’d never been good at asking for help with basically anything in my life before, and I knew nothing about outsourcing (I literally built my entire website, branding & membership site on my own), but I realized that it was time to change all of that.

I literally had to become a different person in order to live the life that I’ve always dreamt of…

Asking For Help

So, I hired help! It’s been the BIGGEST gamechanger.

Asking for help and hiring someone to help is quite literally the same in my book. I used to believe that I needed to do everything by myself, and the more I did, the “stronger” I was. As it turns out, the opposite has been true for me.

This process started last fall with my husband and I hired a really lovely woman, named Edith, to come clean our home every week. I call it the Edith effect because she showed me what it was like to not have to keep up with everything on our own. She opened up a window to a whole new world.

Since then, over the past 2 months, I’ve hired two AMAZING assistants, a new accountant, a bookkeeper, and I’ve hired other people to help with smaller tasks. I’m also about to hire the web designer to create my new badass website with my new brand name and an entirely new look. The overwhelm that I was feeling has been replaced with so much excitement!

I share this in hopes that if you’re feeling overwhelmed, that you’ll start to see a way out. Sometimes it simply starts with asking for help.

That might be having your kids do some chores, or having your partner walk/feed the dog, asking a neighbor watch your kids for an hour…or it could mean hiring someone to help make your life easier.

The income that I earn from my blog & Beautycounter (a huge source of my income) has allowed me to hire other people to do the work that they love, and I’m so grateful. If you’re ever curious (cause I know that I was before I figured this all out!), I wrote all about how I earn a full-time income by doing what I love in THIS POST.

It’s like a veil has been lifted recently, and my creative energy is flowing like never before. I now have the space to do what I do best, which is sharing content with you to empower you to find your own true strength (both mental and physical).

If you’re struggling with feeling overwhelmed, just know that you’re not alone, but that you CAN take steps to release it. It’s just up to you to open up and ask!



Real Talk Tuesday: Asking For Help

Welcome to my brand new series, Real Talk Tuesday! This Tuesday, we are talking about asking for help; When and how is the right time. #realtalktuesday #askingforhelp #mylife

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