How To Start A Blog – Part 1: Taking The Plunge

Never in a million years did I think that I would be a full-time blogger, and yet, here I am! In this new series of posts I’m teaching you everything that I know about How To Start A Blog!

How To Start A Blog – Part 1: Taking The Plunge

For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamt of being my own boss.

Back when I used to work in corporate as a fashion designer, I honestly felt like a caged animal.

I know that sounds a lil dramatic, but it’s the truth.

I’ve always worked incredible hard, even when I was very sick – so much so that I was told that when I left my career as a fashion designer, they had to hire TWO people to replace me.

I’m very self-motivated and have always been willing to work for what I want, but I’ve also always wanted to be working on my own dreams, not someone else’s. I dreamt of setting my own hours and the ability to take time off whenever I wanted.

The only problem back then was…I had absolutely NO idea of how I would get there.

Fast forward to now, where I’m working for myself. I’m literally living my DREAM. When I first started my blog, I didn’t have any real plans to turn it into a business, as I didn’t even realize just how possible that was. I didn’t know where any of this would end up, I simply wanted to help others in any way that I could, and that’s still my main goal to this day.

I’m not gonna sugar coat it and tell you that’s it’s been easy, because at times, it’s been far from it, but I do hope that if you have a dream of starting your own business, that these posts will make your journey easier. You can learn from my mistakes.

Starting my own blog is the most rewarding thing that I’ve ever done, as it gives me a platform to help many others, and this is the work that I’m HERE for.

In part 1 of this 3 part – How To Start A Blog series, I’m tackling how to take the plunge – because mindset is what often holds people back the most from achieving their dreams. In order to get started you’ve first gotta get yo mind right.

Part 2 will be all about the technical parts of starting a blog.

Part 3 will be all about how I make a full-time income from my blog.


How To Start A Blog – Part 1: Taking The Plunge:



Most often I hear from my readers who want to start their own blog, and they’re TERRIFIED to take the plunge.


What if no one cares what you have to say?

What if people criticize you?

What if it fails?

What if you have no idea what you’re doing?


What if, what if, what if??? A million what if’s.

Guess what, I’ve had all of those same thoughts too.

It’s easy to think that “it’s already been done,” but the truth is – nobody has your voice. Nobody has said whatever it is that you want to say in your own unique way. It’s not about being in a competition with anyone else. It’s not about being better than anyone else. Success is NOT limited.

If you have the dream of launching your own blog or website, you just have to GO FOR IT. There will most likely never be a “perfect” time.

One of my favorite quotes is from Tony Robbins – “stay in your head, you’re dead.”


Often we get so stuck in our own minds and we’re afraid of all the things that could go wrong – that we miss seeing all the things that could go RIGHT.

So just jump, and trust that the net will appear.

What do you REALLY have to lose?



When I first launched my blog, I had literally NO IDEA what I was doing. I thought and were the same thing, and so I started out on the wrong platform (more on that coming next week). There were many, many times that I wanted to throw my computer out the window, but thankfully, I have an amazing and very patient husband who talked me off a ledge and helped me to break each task down into smaller, more manageable steps.

Like most of us, once I learn something, I wish that I’d known it SO much sooner. Learning things as you go is simply part of the journey, just like making mistakes is.

Let’s take last week for example. I discovered after TWO YEARS since I started my Pinterest account, that I’ve been doing something wrong the entire time. WHOMP. My first thoughts were frustration and confusion, but then after a little Google-ing and YouTube-ing, I figured out what I’d done wrong and corrected it. Google and YouTube always save the day.

Every single day I learn something new. I didn’t start out with a guide, and I’ve learned a TON of lessons the hard way. In part 2 of this series, coming next week, I’ll break down those lessons for you.



As with just about anything in life, consistency is KEY. This doesn’t mean that you have to post everyday, but if you want to grow an audience, it isn’t in your best interest to post a ton of great content, and then completely drop off.

I’ve had times where in order for me to get a big project done (say, my eBook), I’ve had to back off of blogging completely for a bit, but I always pick it right back up as soon as possible. During this time I stayed active on my social media, and planned posts out in advance to make things easier. Regardless of how many readers you have, they want to hear from YOU!

Growing a blog and an audience takes time, so keep your head up and just keep moving forward towards your dreams.



If you’re someone like me, who has a million and a half ideas at any given moment, it can be hard to know what to focus on first. My editorial calendar is typically booked out 2-3 months in advance – meaning that I know what I’m going to post and when. In order to keep things organized and non-frantic, I always work on my posts a week in advance. So basically I’m writing this post the week before it’s gets published. 😉

Here’s what I ask myself when I have a ton of ideas:

  • What will help the most?
  • What lights you up the most?

The answer to these questions always gives me a clear path to move towards!



Here’s the cold, hard truth that most people don’t wanna to hear – not everyone is gonna like you.

This was a HARD lesson for me, as deep down, I’d always been a people pleaser.

When I came across my first online critics, I felt instantly defensive.

What I’ve come to learn over the years is that some people simply have what I’ll call “keyboard courage,” and they say things that they would NEVER say to your face.

You know what though?

That they say almost always has NOTHING to do with you. This even goes for people that you know in real life. It has to do with how they feel about themselves, as well as their perception of the world.

Whenever I come across a critic online, I ask myself “IS IT TRUE?” I set my ego aside and really think about it. I deeply understand the qualities that make me who I am and most often, it isn’t true at all. If there is any truth to it, I realize that I can learn and grow from whatever that person said. This has been one of the most powerful lessons that I’ve ever learned.

After I launched my membership program last year, a reader called me a “sellout”. Others emailed me saying how angry they were that I was charging for any of my content. Keep in mind that I have over 200 FREE recipes, plus countless other helpful posts…but either way, that part doesn’t really matter.

Here’s the thing. NONE of those people have a clue who I am or what I’m about. Am I a sellout for offering BONUS content for an extremely low monthly fee? NO.

Would I be a sellout if I suddenly started promoting something that I have zero passion for and something that goes against all of my values? In my opinion…YES.

There’s a BIG DIFFERENCE, and I understand that now. That’s why I don’t take criticism or someone else’s anger personally anymore.

What these readers said has absolutely nothing to do with me, but instead, it has to do with their perception of themselves, and their negative view of money. With that, I simply let it go. They aren’t my people, and that’s okay.

When you truly recognize that you’ll never, ever be able to please everyone, you’ll discover instant freedom.

So just be you and let your voice be heard loud and clear.


I’ll be back next week with part 2 of How To Start A Blog – The Technical Parts!



How To Start A Blog – Part 1: Taking The Plunge

7 Responses

  1. mjpmomoftwins
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I can’t begin to tell you how helpful it is. I am afraid to take the plunge but I am so inspired by you and so many others in this community!!!

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      So happy to hear that! I know how scary it can feel, but you’ve got this! 🙂

  2. Tammy
    | Reply

    Thanks so much! Just can’t wait till next week now!

  3. Jennifer
    | Reply

    Just want to thank you for sharing this post! It was super helpful!

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      So glad it helped, Jennifer!

  4. Hilary
    | Reply

    Thank you for this, it was something I needed to read this week. I am working on launching my blog/personal business. I went backwards and started my social media accounts first (Facebook and Instagram). It has already been discouraging with the lack of likes/comments. Being reassured it takes time definitely helps!

    • livinglovingpaleo
      | Reply

      Hi Hilary! Anyone who’s ever started a blog of their own totally gets it – most take awhile to build up traffic and an engaged audience. The same goes for social media. Little by little, you’ll get there 😉

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