My Story As It’s Never Been Told Before (NEW VIDEO!)

I hardly have the words to describe just how much this video means to me. This is my story as it’s never been told before. The moment it began, tears started to stream down my face. This video took me right back to every moment that I’ve lived through while battling Crohn’s Disease since the age of 12.

My Story As It’s Never Been Told Before

My story isn’t something that typically makes me emotional, as I’ve lived it, shared it countless times, and have done the deep inner work to heal and forgive every part of my past…but this got me. 

This video that my friend, Will from Life Training, put together is a complete game changer. His talent for storytelling is unreal! To see exactly where I was, when I once felt so lost and so broken, to where I am now, and what I’m capable of – it completely BLOWS MY MIND.

Having the opportunity to help you has made my YEARS of pain and suffering so beyond worth it. I wouldn’t change a moment of my past, because it’s created who I am today. My deepest pain has become my greatest gift.

It’s a complete honor to get to share my story in such an impactful way with you today.


Please share this video with anyone that you feel may need some motivation to go after what they want in life. This is the proof that ANYTHING is possible.

Also, be sure to subscribe to the Life Training YouTube page for more incredible videos that will help to change your life!


My Story As It’s Never Been Told Before:



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