Superhero Latte & Win A Trip To Kona, Hawaii!

Superhero Latte

Happy National Coffee Month! I had so many ideas come to me when I was creating a recipe for this post, but the one that really stuck with me was making a superhero latte! Why, you ask? Well, the Rogers family, the family behind my favorite coffee company, San Francisco Bay Coffee, really wants to make this world a better place, and that's exactly what superheroes do! Also, in honor of coffee month, San Francisco Bay Coffee is giving away an amazing trip to Kona, Hawaii!

In a time where it can feel like some companies are mostly concerned with their profits, and with little regard to the health and well being of others, it's awesome to know that there are great companies out there that truly do care. San Francisco Bay Coffee is one of them, and that's one of the reasons why it's so easy for me to support them.

This quote, directly from San Francisco Bay Coffee, describes who they truly are, and what matters most to them – "This is a family company, focused on the best outcome for everyone, from farmer to consumer, and everyone in between. SF Bay Coffee is Grown For Good. Good in business, social responsibility, environmental consciousness, and the end product."

Superhero Latte

San Francisco Bay Coffee's Community-Aid Program not only helps the community of farmers and co-op members, but it's also restored thousands of acres of rainforest by farming only shade-grown coffee, which is harmonious with nature. They plant their coffee trees in and among a forest canopy of native trees, which creates healthy soil content, protects the environment for many different animal and bird species, fights global warming, and really creates a much better coffee bean. They're also a carbon-free company, which is something to be so proud of! They've created completely organic and sustainable farms, while restoring the land to it's natural rainforest state. Really, who doesn't want more beautiful rainforests on this planet?

Poverty is unfortunately a huge issue for many coffee farmers and workers around the world, and this was a problem that San Francisco Bay Coffee simply couldn't ignore. Their coffee is always fairly traded, meaning that the coffee is purchased directly from farmers that they personally know, at prices that will sustain a high quality of life for the farmer, co-op members, and for workers on the farms far into the future. This is so, so important to me, and another huge reason I'm proud to support San Francisco Bay Coffee!

Superhero Latte

San Francisco Bay Coffee Company took a huge step in their business when they not only bought a Kona coffee farm, but they also opened up a coffee shop in Kona! Enter to win a FREE TRIP TO KONA, HAWAII, plus other major prizes each week!! (DETAILS)You can enter for free on their Facebook page! I've heard your odds of winning are better if you're drinking this superhero latte while you enter! 😉

Now you can really see why this Superhero latte fits right in with San Francisco Bay Coffee, they're an amazing company that I absolutely love working with!

My husband drinks this superhero coffee daily with San Francisco Bay Coffee Organic Rainforest Blend, and I use the decaf french roast. Either way, this superhero latte will get you ready to tackle whatever comes your way during the day! I hope you love this recipe as much as my husband and I do!

To learn more about the history of Kona coffee, you can watch this video, produced by San Francisco Bay Coffee!

Looking for a DELICIOUS Whole30 compliant latte to mix up your coffee routine? Be sure to check out this Whole30 latte from my friend Michelle over at the Whole Smiths, and be sure to serve it up with some Sweet Potato Toast from Kelsey over at Little Bits Of!

Superhero Latte



Superhero Latte

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of San Francisco Bay Coffee Company. All opinions on Living Loving Paleo are always 100% my own and I only ever work with companies that I absolutely love. My sponsors help to keep Living Loving Paleo up and running!

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