What I Ate in a Day + My Workouts

I’m often asked what I eat to support the high-level of physical activity that I do, so today I’m sharing exactly what I ate in a day to support my workouts! I don’t typically wake up very hungry in the … Read More

Incorporating Exercise With Illness

Incorporating exercise with illness is something that I’m asked about all the time by my readers, and I have LOTS of experience with it, so that’s the topic I’m talking all about today! I remember the days that I would … Read More

How I Got My 1st Pull-up (Video!)

I’ll never forget the first time I hung on a bar, thinking that it couldn’t be THAT hard to pull myself up. Then I tried lifting my body, and I literally didn’t move. From that moment on, I was determined … Read More

Why I’m Doing a 30-Day Reset

I’ve recently started a new type of training that I’m super stoked about! My husband has been training for the show American Ninja Warrior for nearly two years, and I’ve secretly wanted to be a ninja too! It was time … Read More