Strawberry Lemonade Gummies

I receive daily emails from my lovely readers asking how they can begin to repair their gut, and I ALWAYS say “get some gelatin!” Not just any gelatin though, I only recommend the Beef Gelatin from Vital Proteins! It’s the … Read More

Spiced Pear Pie Gummies

Gummies kinda make me laugh, because although I LOVE them, they remind me of the very thing I used to despise the most as a kid – hospital jello! Whenever I was in the hospital, I would be placed on … Read More

Blueberries & Cream Gummies

I had a serious aversion to jello for a very lonnnnng time. The only jello I knew of was the brightly colored, overly sweet kind that I was solely fed for days, or even weeks at a time when I … Read More