Take Care Of Yo Self

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Take Care Of Yo Self

Rest and taking care of yourself are often not the most popular subjects. In a world where everything seems to move at an unstoppable pace, it can feel difficult and even selfish to slow down and truly take care of yourself. I believe that in reality, taking care of yourself is vital to lasting health and a truly happy life.

My husband and I have a saying in our house, it’s – take care of yo self. It’s our reminder to slow down whenever we’re able to, and really just enjoy life. Taking care of myself wasn’t always something that felt natural to me. I’m someone who LOVES to be on the go. I love to do things fast and I love having extremely productive days. Over the years I’ve learned that balance is key, because if I move fast all the time without taking really good care of myself in the process, life will find a way to slow me down. Annnnd, that’s happened more times than I can count, haha.

My recent hospital experience taught me this priceless lesson all over again. As I’ve also found throughout life, without my health, nothing else truly matters. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been taking extra good care of myself and find that I actually get more done. It sounds counterintuitive at first, but when my mind and body are rested, life seems to work for me instead of against me, and things actually become much easier.

Yesterday I slept in AND took a nap, plus I got all of the work done that I wanted to in half the time that it would normally take me. I realize that days like that aren’t always possible when I’m on a deadline or have events to attend, but I do always make it a priority to take even just a small amount of time for myself daily. This alone has made a HUGE impact on the quality of my life.

I realize that life is crazy, and with kids and other responsibilities, it may seem impossible to take time away for yourself. Even if you can take a few minutes a day to sit and read a book, walk barefoot in the grass, stretch, take some deep breaths, or take a short nap, I promise, your body and mind will THANK you!

When in doubt, take care of yo self!

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