Three Things That Changed My Life

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Three Things That Changed My Life

Have you ever come across those things in life that seem relatively small compared to everything else, and yet they're total game changers? This is often the case in my own life, so today I'm sharing three of these things with you!

Besides the obvious things that have changed my life, such as changing my diet, these are the ones that most people wouldn't even think about, and yet for me, they make all the difference!

These three things that changed my life also happen to be how I start my day. They're what work amazingly well for me, but obviously I have no idea if they'll work for you. The good thing is that if you want to give them a try, all three are super easy to implement!


Three Things That Changed My Life:



I've talked about collagen before and why I love using it – and all these years later, it's still my absolute favorite! Collagen has been the game changer when it came to healing my gut, and it's also helped to give me incredibly strong hair, nails and glowing skin.

I personally use Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, as it comes from healthy, pasture-raised cows. One of the best parts is that collagen is SO easy to get into your diet. Vital Proteins collagen is tasteless, odorless, and mixes easily into any liquid, hot or cold. I mix 2 scoops into my drink every morning!


Mini Trampoline

Maybe it sounds crazy to some, but jumping on my mini trampoline first thing in the morning has been a complete game changer! When I wake up, the first thing I do is put my dogs out and then I jump for 5-10 minutes. It not only wakes me up, but it leaves me feeling AMAZING! I notice a HUGE difference in my energy throughout the day!

I first heard about the benefits of rebounding (jumping on a trampoline) from Tony Robbins, who travels everywhere he goes with one. It's great for lymph flow, strengthening your immune system, releasing stress, and so much more!

It's pretty easy to see that Tony is doing something right with all that he's able to accomplish, and those are the people that I listen to for advice. After giving rebounding a try for myself, I'm HOOKED!


Quote of the Day Show

Changing my diet was obviously a HUGE game changer for me, but the real reason that I'm so healthy and strong today is because I've learned to create a positive mindset.

Each morning, after I jump on my mini trampoline, I listen to the Quote of the Day Show by Sean Croxton. Each episode is anywhere from 10-20 minutes, and it's some of the most valuable time that I spend on myself. Seriously.

I'll usually listen as I'm putting away dishes or cleaning up my kitchen, and it sets the tone for my entire day. I've learned something from every single episode, and it's made such a positive impact in my life! They typically have new episodes Monday-Saturday, and on Sunday I re-listen to my favorite episode(s) from the week!


What is something that you've implemented into your life that's been a total game changer? Share them in the comments below!


Three Things That Changed My Life

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