What To Do When You Feel Stuck

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What To Do When You Feel Stuck

For much of my life I believed that my journey would be a clear-cut path. Sure, challenges would come up, but I figured I'd move right past them and right back to my original plan. I'd do A, B and C, and things would just flow naturally. Easy peasy.

That's how it works, right?

Uhhh…maybe not.

This journey has been anything BUT clear-cut. It's been the wildest ride I could have ever imagined, full of amazing times, and also really dark times.

I've experienced many times where I've felt completely stuck. I had no idea what to do next, and I didn't know where to turn…or really, just how to get unstuck.

It's taken A LOT of trial and error to find what works (after doing allllll the things that didn't).

I spent MANY years trying to force the timing of my life, until I finally realized that this approach wasn't working. So I tried something new.

It's important to realize that some things will simply be out of your control. What you DO get a choice in is how you respond. That's where this post comes into play.


So with that, here's what to do when you feel stuck. Or really, this is what I do:


First up, I recognize that I'm stuck, and then, most importantly, I DO NOT beat myself up for it. We're often so hard on ourselves, and when we're down, we make ourselves feel even worse. Oh humans…we're amazing at this.

So now that I'm not beating myself up, the next step is that I completely let go of what I cannot control, and trust that I'm exactly where I'm meant to be, and that everything will work out.

Ah, letting go and trusting the timing of your life. It's such a simple concept, yet not so easy to apply.

This doesn't mean that I give up. I still follow all of the steps that I listed in my How To Train Your Brain post, and continue to move forward…but I stop trying to force what isn't meant to be.

Lately, I'd been feeling stuck with the growth of my business. I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work that I wanted to get done vs what I was actually getting done, and the amount of busy-work that seemed to be taking up my time, and in turn, my creativity screeched to a halt.

This has happened SO.MANY.TIMES. in the past, so I quickly realized exactly what I needed to do.

I've been practicing the art of trusting and letting go for years, and I knew that I needed to do just that.

Don't get me wrong, it was super frustrating at times, but I continued to remind myself that my creativity WOULD come back, and I would find my flow again.

And just like that, it worked!

I don't know if it because I've been doing this for so long that it happened so quickly (I won't pretend to know how all of this really works), but I do know that it 100% happened because I put in the effort to trust and let go of what was out of my control.

The other night I was lying in bed after reading You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero (one of the best books that I've EVER read), and justtttt as I was about to fall asleep, the brilliant idea for a post that I knew would help so many came to me. I know by now that if I don't immediately write down my ideas, they'll be gone as quickly as they came. So I got up and drafted an entire blog post in minutes, which I published yesterday – How To Train Your Brain To Create a Positive Mindset.

Right after I finished typing that out, I had the brilliant idea come to me for this post that I'm writing for you right now, along with two additional posts, which I'll be sharing with you soon.

It was like magic, and I was SO grateful. That night, right before I fell asleep, I said "thank you" out loud. Gratitude has changed so much for me, and I never forget what a gift it is to be able to live this incredible journey.

Had I continued to try to force the creativity and put out less than stellar work, I guarantee these ideas wouldn't have flooded my mind.

It seems too simple, right? But it WORKS.

The next time you feel stuck in any area of your life, do your best to let go and trust that it will work out. Now watch your life begin to change.

What To Do When You Feel Stuck

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