Why We Do What We Do

If you haven’t met my Husband (Mike) yet, he’s INCREDIBLE. He’s helped to transform me into the strong woman that I am today, and he’s the one behind every video you’ll see on my website! Today, in a brand new video, I’m sharing exactly why we do what we do!

Why We Do What We Do

Mike and I have been together since December 2002, and we’ve experienced MANY ups and downs throughout the years. I was sick for the majority of our relationship, but it’s only made me so much more grateful for the incredible health that I have now!

It’s because of the challenges that we’ve overcome that we’re able to share our journey with the world, to help empower you to change your own life. We both have so much planned for what’s to come on my blog, and especially for my members of Invincible Inspiration! For my members, this includes videos of a more in-depth look into my life and exactly how I do what I do.


The video below explains more of why we do what we do! ENJOY!


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